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Peter O'Brien

Peter O'Brien is an Australian actor. more »

Peter O'Leary

Peter O'Leary is a New Zealand Association football referee, previously of Wellington but now... more »

Peter O'Mara

Peter O'Mara is an Australian jazz guitarist, composer and teacher. more »

Peter Paul Koprowski

Peter Paul Koprowski is a Canadian composer, conductor, music educator, and pianist of Polish... more »

Péter Pázmány

Péter Pázmány, S.J., was a Hungarian Jesuit who was a noted philosopher, theologian, cardinal,... more »

Peter Pohl

Peter Pohl is a Swedish author and former director and screenwriter of short films. He has... more »

Peter S. Ovcharov

Peter S. Ovcharov is a Pianist and Teacher, and is the son of Sergei Ovcharov. more »

Peter Scholten

Peter Scholten is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Peter Shumlin

Peter Elliott Shumlin is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who serves as... more »

Peter Soderbergh

Peter Soderbergh was a professor and the dean of the College of Education at Louisiana State... more »

Peter Spellos

Peter Spellos is an American voice actor who is also known as G. Gordon Baer, Gordon Baer, G... more »

Peter Strauss

Peter Lawrence Strauss is an American television and movie actor, known for his roles in several... more »

Peter Ternovsek

Peter Ternovsek is the father of Aljosa Ternovsek. more »

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson, Australian broadcast journalist and educator. Peter is a Fellow of the Australia... more »

Peter Weller

Peter Weller is an American film and stage actor, director and history lecturer. Weller has... more »

Petko Slaveykov

Petko Rachov Slaveykov was a noted nineteenth-century Bulgarian poet, publicist, public figure... more »

Petr Chernukha

Petr Chernukha is the father of Oksana Grigorieva. more »

Petr Pospisil

Petr Pospisil is a teacher. more »

Petrache Poenaru

Petrache Poenaru was a Romanian inventor of the Enlightenment era. Poenaru, who had studied in... more »

Petrina Radcliffe

Petrina Radcliffe is a teacher and the mother of actress Naomi Radcliffe. more »

Petronia Paley

Petronia Paley is an actress, playwright and teacher. more »

Pham Duy Khiem

Phạm Duy Khiêm was a Vietnamese writer, academic and South Vietnam ambassador in France. He was... more »

Pham Duy Ton

Phạm Duy Tốn was a Vietnamese writer. He was father of the songwriter Phạm Duy and French... more »

Phil Dwyer

Phil Dwyer is a jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer, producer and teacher who, after 15 years in... more »

Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon is a professor. more »

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