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V. C. Wynne-Edwards

Vero Copner Wynne-Edwards CBE, FRS, FRSE was an English zoologist. He was best known for... more »

V. Craig Jordan

Virgil Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc, FMedSci is a scientist specializing in drugs for breast... more »

V. K. Aatre

Dr. Vasudev Kalkunte Aatre is an Indian Scientist and former head of the Defence Research and... more »

V. K. Samaranayake

Vidya Jyothi V. K. Samaranayake, MBCS, MCS, FNASSL, MIEEE pioneered computing & IT development... more »

V. N. Krishnamurthy

Dr. V. N. Krishnamurthy is the former Dy. Director of VSSC and Honorable Director of ISRO-UoP... more »

V. Narry Kim

Dr. V. Narry Kim is a South Korean biochemist and microbiologist, best known for her work on... more »

V. R. Khanolkar

Vasant Ramji Khanolkar M.D. better known as V. R. Khanolkar was an eminent Indian... more »

V. S. Huzurbazar

Vasant Shankar Huzurbazar was an Indian statistician from Kolhapur. Huzurbazar was the founder... more »

Vaclav Zizler

Vaclav Zizler, Ph.D., Dr.Sc., is a Czech mathematics professor specializing in Banach space... more »

Vadym Adamyan

Vadym Movsesovich Adamyan is a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician and theoretical physicist,... more »

Vagn Walfrid Ekman

Vagn Walfrid Ekman was a Swedish oceanographer. Born in Stockholm to Fredrik Laurentz Ekman,... more »

Vaibhav Tripathi

Vaibhav Tripathi is a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Valentin Alberti

Valentin Alberti was a Lutheran, orthodox philosopher and theologian from Silesia and was the... more »

Valentin Rumyantsev

Valentin Vital'yevich Rumyantsev — Russian specialist in mechanics, stability theory and... more »

Valentin Stansel

Valentin Stansel was a Czech Jesuit astronomer who worked in Brazil. more »

Valentin Vornicu

Valentin Vornicu is the founder of MathLinks. He was also the previous webmaster of the Art of... more »

Valerie Flint

Valerie Irene Jane Flint was a British scholar and historian, specialising in medieval... more »

Valerie Isham

Valerie Susan Isham is a British applied probabilist and currently President of the Royal... more »

Valerius Coucke

Valerius Josephus Coucke, 1888–1951, was a Belgian scholar and priest who was professor at the... more »

Valeriy Zyuganov

Valeriy Valeryevich Zyuganov and Doctor of Biological Sciences. He is the pupil and follower of... more »

Valery Moiseevich Leibin

Valery Moiseevich Leibin is a specialist in psychoanalysis, Ph.D., head of the department of... more »

Valery Troitskaya

Valery Troitskaya was born in Petrograd on November 15, 1917, during Soviet suppression. Even... more »

Valiya Hamza

Valiya Mannathal Hamza is an Indian scientist credited with co-discovering, together with... more »

Van C. Mow

Van C. Mow, was one of the earliest researchers in the field of biomechanics. He has published... more »

Van Zandt Williams

Van Zandt Williams was president of the Optical Society of America in 1966. He was the Director... more »

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