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L. David Mech

Lucyan David "Dave" Mech is an internationally recognized wolf expert, a senior research... more »

L. M. Milne-Thomson

Louis Melville Milne-Thomson, CBE was an English applied mathematician who wrote several classic... more »

L. Pearce Williams

Leslie Pearce Williams is the emeritus John Stambaugh Professor of the History of Science at... more »

L. S. Stavrianos

Leften Stavros Stavrianos was a Greek-Canadian historian. His most influential books are... more »

L. S. Stepanyan

Leo Surenovich Stepanyan was an Armenian ornithologist, best known as the author of the... more »

L. Taylor Hansen

L. Taylor Hansen was a writer of science fiction popular science articles and books who used a... more »

Ladipo Adamolekun

Ladipo Adamolekun is a Nigerian public administration scholar, former dean of the Faculty of... more »

Ladislas J. Meduna

Ladislas J. Meduna was a Hungarian neurologist and neuropathologist noted for his development of... more »

Lai-Chee Man

Lai-Chee Man was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Lajos Markusovszky

Lajos Markusovszky surgeon, from 1857 founder and publisher of Orvosi Hetilap, later editor of... more »

Lakkoju Sanjeevaraya Sharma

Lakkoju Sanjeevaraya Sharma was an Indian mathematician from Andhra Pradesh. He was born Blind... more »

Lal Jayawardena

Lal R. Jayawardena was a noted Sri Lankan economist and diplomat. He was the first director of... more »

Lance Fortnow

Lance Jeremy Fortnow is a computer scientist known for major results in computational complexity... more »

Lane Mitchell

Lane Mitchell was a ceramic engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the head of the... more »

Lang Xianping

Larry Hsien Ping Lang is a well-known Hong Kong-based economist, commentator, author and TV host... more »

Larkhoon Leem

Larkhoon Leem was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Larry Coon

Larry Coon is a computer scientist and Information Technology Director with University of... more »

Larry Johannessen

Larry R. Johannessen was an American educator, academic, and author. more »

Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer is the current president of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the former... more »

Lars Krutak

Dr. Lars Krutak is an American anthropologist, photographer, and writer known for his research... more »

Lars Maegdefessel

Lars Maegdefessel is a Postdoctoral Research fellow at Stanford University. more »

Lars Vatten

Prof. Lars Johan Vatten, MD PhD MPH, is a Norwegian epidemiologist. He has done research on... more »

Lasse Rempe

Lasse Rempe is a German mathematician born in Kiel. His research interests include holomorphic... more »

László Filep

László Filep was a Hungarian mathematician who specialized in history of mathematics. His Ph.D... more »

László Rátz

László Rátz, born April 9, 1863 in Sopron, died September 30, 1930 in Budapest, was a Hungarian... more »

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