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Louis Alan Hazeltine

Louis Alan Hazeltine was an engineer and physicist, the inventor of the Neutrodyne circuit, and... more »

Louis Auslander

Louis Auslander was an American mathematician. He had wide ranging interests both in pure and... more »

Louis Dangeard

Louis Marie Bernard Dangeard was a French geologist and oceanographer. He was son of the... more »

Louis Dollo

Louis Antoine Marie Joseph Dollo was a French-born Belgian palaeontologist, known for his work... more »

Louis Henkin

Louis Henkin, widely considered one of the most influential contemporary scholars of... more »

Louis Laurent Gabriel de Mortillet

Louis Laurent Gabriel de Mortillet, French anthropologist, was born at Meylan, Isère. more »

Louis Le Chatelier

Louis Le Chatelier was a French chemist and industrialist who developed a method for producing... more »

Louis Leon Thurstone

Louis Leon Thurstone was a U.S. pioneer in the fields of psychometrics and psychophysics. He... more »

Louis Moresi

Louis-Noël Moresi is a Professor of Computational Mathematics & Geophysics at Monash University... more »

Louis-Anne-Jean Brocq

Louis-Anne-Jean Brocq was a French dermatologist born in Laroque-Timbaut, a village in the... more »

Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton

Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton was a French naturalist and contributor to the Encyclopédie ou... more »

Louis-Luc Godey

Louis-Luc Godey was a French mycologist known for his detailed illustrations of many European... more »

Louis-Philippe Morency

Louis-Philippe Morency is a French Canadian researcher interested in human communication and... more »

Louise Fresco

Louise Ottilie Fresco is a Dutch scientist, director and writer. more »

Louise Min Chuin Hoo

Louise M. C. Hoo is Sr. Manager, Systems Design Engineering Broadcom Corp. and was a graduate... more »

Loyal Blaine Aldrich

Loyal Blaine Aldrich was an American astrophysicist and astronomer of the Smithsonian... more »

Loyal Rue

Loyal Rue is an American philosopher and writer whose research focuses on naturalistic theories... more »

Loyd A. Jones

Loyd A. Jones was an American scientist who worked for Eastman Kodak Company, where he was head... more »

Lu Yongxiang

Lu Yongxiang, FAA aka Yung-Hsiang Lu, was President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences until... more »

Luc Devroye

Luc P. Devroye is a Belgian computer scientist and a James McGill Professor in the School of... more »

Luc Montagnier

Luc Antoine Montagnier is a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi... more »

Luca Cardelli

Luca Andrea Cardelli FRS is an Italian computer scientist who is an Assistant Director at... more »

Luca Gammaitoni

Luca Gammaitoni is a scientist in the area of noise and nonlinear dynamics. He is currently the... more »

Lucas Bernard

Lucas Bernard is a financial economist and professor of business at The City University of New... more »

Lucian Turcescu

Lucian Turcescu, is a Romanian-born Canadian professor of theology at Concordia University in... more »

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