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W Selvamurthy

Dr. W Selvamurthy is a Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller, Research & Development at... more »

W. David Sincoskie

Walter David "Dave" Sincoskie was an American computer engineer. Sincoskie installed the first... more »

W. H. Clatworthy

Willard H. Clatworthy, was a professor emeritus from University at Buffalo and a World War II... more »

W. H. R. Rivers

William Halse Rivers Rivers, FRCP, FRS, was an English anthropologist, neurologist, ethnologist... more »

W. Harmon Ray

Willis Harmon Ray is an American chemical engineer and a Vilas Research Professor Emeritus at... more »

W. Harry Vaughan

William Harry Vaughan, Jr. was a professor of ceramic engineering at the Georgia School of... more »

W. James Adams

W. James Adams is the Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA in the Office of the Chief Technologist... more »

W. Keith Edwards

W. Keith Edwards is a professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute... more »

W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar

Dr. W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar, M.A, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Strategic Studies and... more »

W. Patrick McCray

W. Patrick McCray is a historian at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He researches,... more »

W. Roger Graham

William Roger Graham, PhD, LLD, FRSC was a Canadian academic historian whose area of... more »

W. W. Howells

Dr. William White Howells was a professor of anthropology at Harvard University. His most... more »

Wacław Gajewski

Wacław Gajewski was a Polish geneticist, one of the founders of the Polish post-war genetics and... more »

Wade Regehr

Wade G. Regehr is a Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School's Department of... more »

Wadim Strielkowski

Wadim Strielkowski is a Czech economist of Polish-Belarusian origin. He works as an Assistant... more »

Waheed Qureshi

Waheed Qureshi was a noted linguist, critic, writer, researcher, educationalist and scholar of... more »

Wahid Shams Kolahi

Wahid Shams-Kolahi is a scientist and an electrical engineer who is known for his research in... more »

Waldo L. Schmitt

Waldo LaSalle Schmitt was an American biologist born in Washington, D.C. He received his Ph.D... more »

Waldo Rudolph Wedel

Waldo Rudolph Wedel was an American archaeologist and a central figure in the study of the... more »

Waleed Abdalati

Dr. Waleed Abdalati has been NASA Chief Scientist since 3 January 2011. Abdalati was named to... more »

Walker Lee Cisler

Walker Lee Cisler was a noted American engineer, business executive, and a founding member of... more »

Wallace John Eckert

Wallace John Eckert was an American astronomer, who directed the Thomas J. Watson Astronomical... more »

Walter A. Rosenblith

Walter A. Rosenblith was a biophysicist and Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute... more »

Walter Abraham Jacobs

Walter Abraham Jacobs was an American chemist who discovered the Gould-Jacobs reaction. more »

Walter Alexander Riddell

Walter Alexander Riddell was a Canadian civil servant, diplomat, and academic. He was the... more »

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