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Leopold Kny

Carl Ignaz Leopold Kny was a German botanist born in Breslau. He studied at Breslau, Munich and... more »

Leopold Landau

Leopold Landau was a German gynecologist born in Warsaw. more »

Léopold Reichling

Léopold Reichling, was a Luxembourg biologist and naturalist. He is especially known for his... more »

Leopold von Ranke

Leopold von Ranke was a German historian and a founder of modern source-based history. According... more »

Leopoldo García-Colín

Leopoldo García-Colín Scherer was a Mexican scientist specialized in Thermodynamics and... more »

Lera Boroditsky

Lera Boroditsky is an Associate Professor of Cognitive Science at UCSD and Editor in Chief of... more »

LeRoy Apker

LeRoy W. Apker was an American experimental physicist. Along with his colleagues E. A. Taft and... more »

Leroy Cronin

Leroy Cronin is the Regius Chair of Chemistry in the Department Chemistry at the University of... more »

Leroy Hood

Leroy Hood is an American biologist. He is president and co-founder of the Institute for Systems... more »

Lesley Robertson

A graduate of both the Curtis Institute and the Juilliard School, Lesley Robertson, viola, hails... more »

Leslie Audus

Leslie John Audus was a British botanist and an international authority on the hormones that... more »

Leslie B. Vosshall

Leslie Birgit Vosshall, Ph.D., is an American neurobiologist who is well known for her... more »

Leslie Collier

Leslie Harold Collier was a scientist responsible for developing a freeze-drying method to... more »

Leslie Comrie

Leslie John Comrie FRS was an astronomer and a pioneer in mechanical computation. more »

Leslie Shemilt

Leslie Webster Shemilt, OC FRSC was a Canadian chemical engineer and professor. Born in Souris,... more »

Lester G. Telser

Lester Greenspan Telser is an American economist and Professor Emeritus in Economics at the... more »

Lev Berg

Lev Semyonovich Berg was a leading Soviet geographer, biologist and ichthyologist who served as... more »

Lev Gudkov

Lev Dmitrievich Gudkov is a Russian sociologist, director of the analytical Levada Center and... more »

Lev Rukhin

Lev Rukhin was a Russian geologist. more »

Levon Chookaszian

Levon Chookaszian is an Armenian art historian and the UNESCO Chair of Armenian Art History. He... more »

Lewis B. Stillwell

Lewis Buckley Stillwell was an American electrical engineer and the president of American... more »

Lewis Grosenbaugh

Lewis R. Grosenbaugh was a prominent U.S. Forest Service researcher and head of the Forest... more »

Lewis Ralph Jones

Lewis Ralph Jones was an U.S. botanist and agricultural biologist. Jones was born in Brandon,... more »

Lewis Stadler

Lewis John Stadler was an American geneticist. His research focused on the mutagenic effects of... more »

Lexemuel Ray Hesler

Lexemuel Ray Hesler was an American mycologist. He was the son of Clinton F. Hesler and Laura... more »

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