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P. J. Pikes

With a background in timber-framed building, he began his archaeological career in the early... more »

Patrick Vinton Kirch

Patrick Vinton Kirch is an archaeologist who studies Oceanic and Polynesian prehistory. He is a... more »

Paul Gething

Paul Gething is an archaeologist. more »

Paul Rehak

Paul Rehak was an American archaeologist. Rehak's research interests extended from prehistoric... more »

Paul Sussman

Paul Sussman was a best-selling English author, archaeologist and journalist. His novels have... more »

Paul-Émile Botta

Paul-Émile Botta was a French scientist who served as Consul in Mosul from 1842. more »

Pei Wenzhong

Pei Wenzhong was a Chinese paleontologist, archaeologist and anthropologist born in Fengnan... more »

Peter J. Brand

Peter James Brand is a Canadian Egyptologist from Toronto, Ontario. He is also a naturalized... more »

Peter Mathews

'Peter Mathews'Peter Mathews is an Australian archaeologist, epigrapher, and Mayanist. He was a... more »

Peter von Blanckenhagen

Peter Heinrich von Blanckenhagen was a scholar of Roman art, and especially ancient wall painting. more »

Phil Harding

Philip 'Phil' Harding, FSA is a British field archaeologist. He has become a familiar face on... more »

Philip Phillips

Philip Phillips was an influential archaeologist in the United States during the 20th century... more »

Preston Holder

Preston Holder was an American archaeologist and photographer. In 1930 he entered the University... more »

Prosper Mérimée

Prosper Mérimée was a French dramatist, historian, archaeologist, and short story writer. He is... more »

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