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L. Rowley Jacobs

L. Rowley Jacobs was an itinerant American portrait artist, who worked in the United States... more »

L. Scott Pendlebury

L. Scott Pendlebury or Laurence Scott Pendlebury was an Australian landscape and portrait artist... more »

La Ba Quan

La Ba Quan - Vietnamese Contemporary Artist Ba Quan, La (1976)... more »

Lachlan Youngs

Lachlan Youngs is an actor. more »

Lal Hitchcock

Lal Hitchcock is an artist. more »

Lan Ying

Lan Ying; ca. 1585-1664 was a Chinese painter of landscapes, human figures, flowers and birds... more »

Lance Henriksen

Lance James Henriksen is an American actor and artist best known to film and television... more »

Lance Mountain

Robert Lance Mountain is a professional skateboarder and artist who was one of the prominent... more »

Landon Metz

Landon Metz is an American artist living in New York City. more »

Landon Ross

Landon Ross is an American writer, artist and frequent blogger on The Huffington Post. He has... more »

Lang Lang

Lang Lang is a Chinese concert pianist who has performed with leading orchestras in Europe, the... more »

Lara Jones

Lara Jones was a British artist, children's author and illustrator. She is best remembered for... more »

Lara Piper

Lara Piper is an American film, and television actress and figurative sculptor based in North... more »

Larry Abramson

Larry Abramson is a South-African born Israeli artist. more »

Larry Bell

Larry Bell is a contemporary American artist and sculptor. He lives and works in Taos, New... more »

Larry Campbell

Larry Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist who plays many stringed instruments in genres... more »

Larry Carroll

Larry Carroll is an artist who has worked for The Progressive, The Village Voice and the New... more »

Larry Dixon

Larry Dixon is a fantasy artist and novelist. more »

Larry Fuente

Larry Fuente is an artist. more »

Larry Poons

Lawrence Poons, better known as Larry Poons, is an abstract painter who was born in Tokyo,... more »

Larry Rivers

Larry Rivers was an American artist, musician, filmmaker and occasional actor. Rivers resided... more »

Larry Sultan

Larry Sultan was an American photographer. His work was recognized with a Guggenheim Fellowship... more »

Larry Zox

Lawrence "Larry" Zox was an American painter and printmaker who is classified as an Abstract... more »

Lars Bo

Lars Bo was a Danish artist and writer. He is known for his graphic works with surrealistically... more »

Lars Pirak

Lars Pirak was a Lule and North Sámi artist, yoiker and duodji master from Jokkmokk, Sweden. The... more »

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