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Xanthus Russell Smith

Xanthus Russell Smith was an American marine painter best known for his illustrations of the... more »

Xavier Cortada

Xavier Cortada is an American painter who now resides in Miami, Florida. His work has been... more »

Xavier Martínez

Xavier Timoteo Martínez was a California artist active in the late 19th and early 20th century... more »

Xenia Andreyevna Kashevaroff

Xenia Andreyevna Kashevaroff is an artist. more »

Xi Gang

Xi Gang; 1746-1803 was a renowned seal carver and painter in Qing Dynasty. He was born in... more »

Xia Chang

Xia Chang; ca. 1388-1470 was a Chinese painter during the Ming Dynasty. Xia specialized in ink... more »

Xia Gui

Xia Gui was a Chinese landscape painter of the Song Dynasty. Very little is known about his... more »

Xiang Shengmo

Xiang Shengmo; 1597–1658, a native of Xiushui, Zhejiang Province, was a noted Chinese painter in... more »

Xiao Yuncong

Xiao Yuncong was a famed Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet during the late Ming... more »

Xie Huan

Xie Huan was a Chinese painter of the early Ming Dynasty. He is best known for his painting of... more »

Xie Sun

Xie Sun; was a Chinese landscape painter during the Qing Dynasty, one of the Eight Masters of... more »

Xu Beihong

Xu Beihong was born in Yixing, China. He was primarily known for his shuimohua of horses and... more »

Xu Bing

Xu Bing is a Chinese-born artist, resident in the United States since 1990. He currently resides... more »

Xu Daoning

Xu Daoning was a Chinese painter of the Northern Song Dynasty from Changan or Hejian. He started... more »

Xu Gu

Xū Gǔ; ca. was a Chinese painter and poet during the Qing Dynasty. Xu was born in Xin'an in the... more »

Xu Wei

Xu Wei was a Ming Chinese painter, poet, writer and dramatist famed for his artistic... more »

Xu Xi

Xu Xi was a Chinese painter in the Southern Tang kingdom during the Five Dynasties and Ten... more »

Xul Solar

Xul Solar was the adopted name of Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari, Argentine painter,... more »

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