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H. Bolton Jones

Hugh Bolton Jones (1848-1927) was an American painter. more »

H. C. Westermann

H. C. Westermann was an American printmaker and sculptor whose art constituted a scathing... more »

H.L. Narayana Rao

H.L. Narayana Rao is the father of Vishnuvardhan. more »

HA Schult

HA Schult, born Hans-Jürgen Schult on June 24, 1939 in Parchim, Mecklenburg is a German... more »

Hachiya Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko Hachiya (born 1966) is a Japanese visual artist. more »

Haddon Sundblom

Haddon Hubbard "Sunny" Sundblom was an artist best known for the images of Santa Claus he... more »

Hajime Tsutsui

Hajime Tsutsui is a Japanese artist and designer. Currently, he works as a fashion designer for... more »

Hale Woodruff

Hale Aspacio Woodruff was an African-American artist known for his murals, paintings, and... more »

Halina Jaworski

Halina Jaworski is a German artist and abstract painter. She has lived and worked in Düsseldorf,... more »

Hamid Melikov

Hamid Melikov is an artist and the wife of Elchin Azizov. more »

Han Gan

Han Gan was a Tang Dynasty painter. He came from a poor family in either Chang'an, modern day... more »


Hanayo, born Hanayo Nakajima, is a Japanese musician and artist. She is known for her playful... more »

Hank Green

William Henry "Hank" Green II is an American entrepreneur, musician, and vlogger, known for his... more »

Hanna Mattes

Hanna Mattes is a photographer, artist and actress. more »

Hanna Schygulla

Hanna Schygulla is a German actress and chanson singer. Long associated with the theater and... more »

Hanna Verboom

Hanna Verboom is a Dutch actress. She was born in Belgium. Verboom spent her early childhood in... more »

Hannah Borger Overbeck

Hannah Borger Overbeck was a potter and artist. more »

Hannah Collins

Hannah Collins is a British contemporary artist and filmmaker. Collins's works treat the... more »

Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank was an artist and sculptor from Glasgow, Scotland. more »

Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch was a German Dada artist. She is best known for her work of the Weimar period, when... more »

Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke was an American painter, sculptor, photographer, video artist and performance artist. more »

Hannah Yakin

Hannah Yakin is an Israeli artist. She was born in Amsterdam in 1933 as Hannah van Hulst. During... more »

Hanne Passer

Hanne Passer was a spouse of Dirch Passer and an illustrator and artist. more »

Hans Bock

Hans Bock was a German painter of the 16th century, who flourished at Basle, where he executed... more »

Hans Bolz

Hanns Bolz (1885 - 1918) was a German painter, sculptor, and graphic artist. more »

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