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Alberto Favero

Alberto Favero is a composer, pianist, and conductor. more »

Alberto Ginastera

Alberto Evaristo Ginastera was an Argentine composer of classical music. He is considered one of... more »

Alberto Hemsi

Alberto Hemsi was a composer of the 20th Century Classical era. His work in the field of... more »

Alberto Ingo Hauss

Alberto Hauss is a German composer and producer. He has worked on projects with artists such as... more »

Alberto Janes

Alberto Janes is a film score composer. more »

Alberto Nepomuceno

Alberto Nepomuceno was a Brazilian composer and conductor. Alberto Nepomuceno was born in city... more »

Alberto Ognjen Štriga

Alberto Ognjen Štriga was a Croatian reformer, composer and musician. Alberto Ognjen Štriga was... more »

Alberto Pestalozza

Alberto Pestalozza composed and published a popular Italian song, "Ciribiribin", in 1898. Born... more »

Alberto Porro Carmona

Alberto Porro Carmona is a Spanish conductor, composer, author, music lecturer, teacher and... more »

Alberto Posadas

Alberto Posadas, is a Spanish composer. more »

Alberto Randegger

Alberto Randegger was an Italian-born composer, conductor and singing teacher, best known for... more »

Alberto Villalobos

Alberto Villalobos is a singer-songwriter, violinist, composer and arranger. He is a member of... more »

Albertus Parisiensis

Albertus Parisiensis, also known as Albert of Paris, was a French cantor and composer. He is... more »

Albhy Galuten

Albhy Galuten is a Grammy Award-winning American record producer, composer, musician,... more »

Albin Berger

Albin Bucher, besser bekannt unter dem Künstlernamen Albin Berger, ist ein deutscher... more »


Albita Rodríguez is a singer and an actress. more »

Alceo Galliera

Alceo Galliera was a distinguished Italian conductor and composer. He was the son of Arnaldo... more »

Alceu Maia

Alceu Maia is a musician, composer and record producer. more »

Alceu Valença

Alceu Valença is a Brazilian composer, writer, performer, actor, and poet. Alceu Valenca was... more »

Alcides Lanza

Alcides Emigdio Lanza is a Canadian composer, conductor, pianist, and music educator of... more »

Alcione Nazareth

Alcione Dias Nazareth is one of the most successful female sambists in Brazil who first claimed... more »


Aldebert est un auteur-compositeur-interprète français, né Guillaume Aldebert le 7 juillet 1973... more »

Aldemaro Romero

Aldemaro Romero was a Venezuelan pianist, composer, arranger and orchestral conductor. He was... more »

Aldine Silliman Kieffer

Aldine Silliman Kieffer was a leading 19th century proponent of shape note musical notation,... more »

Aldis Langbaums

Aldis Langbaums was a member of the Latvian musical group Credo. more »

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