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Bernie Wayne

Bernie Wayne was an American composer who wrote over 1,000 songs and was best known for Blue... more »

Bernie Williams

Bernabé Williams Figueroa Jr. is a retired Puerto Rican professional baseball player and... more »

Bernie Worrell

George Bernard "Bernie" Worrell, Jr. is an American keyboardist and composer best known as a... more »

Bernt Staf

Bernt Staf, född 14 oktober 1945 i Enskede, död 28 juli 2002, var en svensk proggmusiker och... more »


Berny Ignatius is a famous music composer-duo-brothers in the Malayalam film industry, best... more »

Berry Lipman

Berry Lipman is a film score composer. more »

Bert Berns

Bertrand Russell Berns, most commonly known as Bert Berns as well as Bert Russell and Russell... more »

Bert Firman

Bert Firman was an English bandleader of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. He was born as Herbert Feuerman... more »

Bert Hanlon

Bert Hanlon was an actor and screenwriter. more »

Bert Joris

Bert Joris is an internationally renowned jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger from Belgium. In... more »

Bert Kaempfert

Bert Kaempfert was a German orchestra leader and songwriter. He made easy listening and... more »

Bert Kalmar

Bert Kalmar was a Jewish American lyricist, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame... more »

Bert Keyes

Bert Keyes was a composer and film score composer. more »

Bert Lee

Bert Lee was an English songwriter. He wrote for music hall and the musical stage, often in... more »

Bert Lown

Bert Lown was a violinist and orchestra leader. He was born in White Plains, New York. He began... more »

Bert R. Anthony

Bert R. Anthony was an American composer. He wrote a number of pedagogical works for piano, and... more »

Bert Reisfeld

Bert Reisfeld was a lyricist, noted for adapting lyrics to well-known songs either to or from... more »

Bert Weedon

Herbert Maurice William 'Bert' Weedon, OBE was an English guitarist whose style of guitar... more »

Bert Wrede

Bert Wrede is a film score composer. more »

Berta Alves de Sousa

Berta Alves de Sousa was a Portuguese pianist and composer. more »

Bertha Egnos

Bertha Egnos is a writer, composer and theater director. more »

Bertha Tammelin

Bertha Carolina Mathilda Tammelin, née Bock was a Swedish actress, operatic mezzo soprano,... more »

Berthold Goldschmidt

Berthold Goldschmidt was a German Jewish composer who spent most of his life in England. The... more »

Berto Pisano

Berto Pisano was a composer, musician and film score composer. more »

Bertold Hummel

Bertold Hummel was a German composer of modern classical music. more »

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