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Béla Kéler

Vojtech Keler, also known as Adalbert Kéler and Adalbert Paul von Kéler; born as Albert Paul... more »

Béla Kovács

Béla Kovács is a famous Hungarian clarinetist. more »

Béla Szabados

Béla Szabados was a Hungarian composer. Szabados was born in Pest. He first studied composition... more »


Belinda Peregrín Schüll, better known as Belinda Peregrín or simply Belinda, is a Spanish-born... more »

Belinda O'Hooley

Belinda O'Hooley is a British singer-songwriter and pianist with Irish roots, who was born in... more »

Bella Bellow

Bella Bellow was a Togolese singer, who created an international career and recorded several... more »

Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a composer. more »

Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a record producer. more »

Ben Black

Ben Black was an English composer of popular song and an impresario. Born in Dudley, England,... more »

Ben Burnley

Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm... more »

Ben Caron

Ben Caron is an actor and a composer. more »

Ben Cristovao

Ben Cristovao is a singer, dancer, composer, writer, presenter and actor. more »

Ben Daglish

Ben Daglish is a composer and musician. His parents moved to Sheffield when Daglish was aged one... more »

Ben Folds

Benjamin Scott "Ben" Folds is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. From 1995 to... more »

Ben Foster

Ben Foster is a Bafta-winning British composer, best known for his work on the BBC series... more »

Ben Frost

Ben Frost is an Australian composer and producer. He is based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Frost... more »

Ben Goldberg

Ben Goldberg is an American clarinet player and composer. more »

Ben Grayson

Ben Grayson was a member of the musical group, The Bamboos. more »

Ben Haemhouts

Ben Haemhouts (born 1940) is a Belgian musician. more »

Ben Homer

Ben Homer was a composer. more »

Ben Johannesen

Ben Johannesen is a composer. more »

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a film producer. more »

Ben Johnston

Benjamin Burwell Johnston, Jr. is a composer of contemporary music in just intonation: "one of... more »

Ben Kopec

Benjamin Nils Kopec, known better by his stage name, Ben Kopec, is an American-based musician... more »

Ben l'Oncle Soul

Ben l'Oncle Soul is a French soul singer and songwriter. After graduating in 2004, he started... more »

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