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Nicola Quilter

Nicola Quilter is a film score composer, actress, and a film director. more »

Nicola Sala

Nicola Sala was an Italian composer and music theorist. He was born in Tocco Caudio and died in... more »

Nicola Salerno

Nicola Salerno, also known as Nisa was an Italian lyricist. He formed a famous songwriting duo... more »

Nicola Samale

Nicola Samale, is a composer and conductor. more »

Nicola Tescari

Nicola Tescari is a film score composer. more »

Nicola Vaccai

Nicola Vaccai was an Italian composer, particularly of operas, and a singing teacher. more »

Nicola Valente

Nicola Valente è stato un musicista italiano. Figlio di Vincenzo Valente, ebbe nel padre un... more »

Nicola Vicentino

Nicola Vicentino was an Italian music theorist and composer of the Renaissance. He was one of... more »

Nicolae Bretan

Nicolae Bretan was a Romanian opera composer, baritone, conductor, and music critic. Bretan was... more »

Nicolae Kirculescu

Nicolae Kirculescu was a Romanian composer. He wrote music in particularly for the stage and... more »

Nicolai Berendt

Nicolai Berendt was a Danish pianist and composer. He debuted as a pianist in November 1846 at... more »

Nicolai Berezowsky

Nicolai Tikhonovich Berezowsky was a Russian-born American violinist and composer. He was born... more »

Nicolai Lopatnikoff

Nikolai Lopatnikoff is a 1945 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Nicolaj Hansen

Johannes Nicolaj Hansen was a Danish composer and violinist. more »

Nicolas Baby

Nicolas Baby is a composer and an actor. more »

Nicolas Bacri

Nicolas Bacri is a French composer. He has written works that include 6 symphonies, 8 string... more »

Nicolas Bernier

Nicolas Bernier was a French composer. more »

Nicolas Bosret

Nicolas Bosret was a blind composer and organist at the St. Loup church in Namur. In 1851 he... more »

Nicolas Chédeville

Nicolas Chédeville was a French composer, musette player and musette maker. more »

Nicolas Collins

Nicolas Collins is a composer of mostly electronic music and former student of Alvin Lucier. He... more »

Nicolas de la Grotte

Nicolas de La Grotte was a French composer and keyboard player of the Renaissance. He was well... more »

Nicolas Economou

Nicolas Economou was a Cypriot composer and pianist born in Nicosia, Cyprus. A precociously... more »

Nicolas Errèra

Nicolas Errèra is a film score composer. more »

Nicolas Flagello

Nicolas Flagello, was an American composer and conductor of classical music. Flagello was born... more »

Nicolas Gigault

Nicolas Gigault was a French Baroque organist and composer. Born into poverty, he quickly rose... more »

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