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Valborg Aulin

Laura Valborg Aulin was a Swedish pianist and composer. She was the sister of Tor Aulin and... more »

Valdemārs Ozoliņš

Valdemārs Ozoliņš composer and conductor. Valdemārs Ozoliņš songs have been treasured by choirs... more »

Valen Hsu

Valen Hsu, also known as Xiu Xiu, was born on 20 September 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of... more »

Valentin Gheorghiu

Valentin Gheorghiu is a Romanian classical pianist and composer. more »

Valentin Silvestrov

Valentyn Vasylyovych Sylvestrov is a Ukrainian pianist and composer of contemporary classical music. more »

Valentina Serova

Valentina Semyonova Serova was a Russian composer of German-Jewish descent. She studied briefly... more »

Valentino Bucchi

Valentino Bucchi was an Italian composer. more »

Valeri Kikta

Valeri Kikta is a Ukrainian classical composer. He was educated at the Moscow Choral College,... more »

Valerie Coleman

Valerie Coleman is an American composer and flutist best known for her contributions to wind... more »

Valerio Vigliar

Valerio Vigliar is a musician and composer. more »

Valeriy Polienko

Valeriy Polienko is a composer. more »

Valery Gavrilin

Valery Aleksandrovich Gavrilin was Russian composer, Honoured Artist of Russia, People's Artist... more »

Valery Zhelobinsky

Valery Viktorovich Zhelobinsky was a Russian composer and pianist. more »


Valjean Johns, who typically recorded under his first name only, was an American pianist best... more »

Valter Ojakyaer

Valter Ojakyaer is a film score composer. more »

Valto Laitinen

Valto Uolevi Laitinen oli suomalainen jazz- ja viihdemuusikko, pianisti, säveltäjä ja... more »

Van Alexander

Van Alexander is an American bandleader, arranger, and composer. Alexander led bands and... more »

Văn Cao

Văn Cao was a Vietnamese composer whose works include Tiến Quân Ca, which became the national... more »

Van Dyke Parks

Van Dyke Parks is an American composer, arranger, record producer, instrumentalist,... more »


Mani Gopal, popularly known by his pen-name, Vanamali is a world-renowned Telugu lyricist and... more »

Vance Musgrove

Vance Musgrove is a disc jockey and record producer. more »

Vance Taylor

Vance Taylor is a member of the musical group Maze. more »

Vanessa Lann

Vanessa Lann has been a composer and pianist since the age of five. She studied at the... more »

Vanessa Petruo

Vanessa Anneliese Petruo, also known as Vany, is a German singer–songwriter and actress. She... more »

Vanessa Rubin

Vanessa Rubin is an American jazz vocalist and composer. more »

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