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Thaddäus Troll

Hans Bayer, known by the pseudonym Thaddäus Troll, was a German journalist and writer and one of... more »

Thaer Thabet

Thaer Thabet al-Hadithi is an Iraqi activist. A native of Haditha and founder of the Hammurabi... more »

Thakin Lwin

Thakin Lwin was a Burmese politician and trade unionist, writer and journalist. He was a leading... more »

Thalia Assuras

Thalia Assuras is a Canadian-born television journalist and news anchor. As of May 2011, she is... more »

Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani

Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani, or Kosa as he was also known, a Tamil writer and publisher, was born... more »

The Bedroom Philosopher

The Bedroom Philosopher aka Justin Heazlewood is an Australian songwriter, author, actor and... more »

The Dolans

The Dolans, consisting of Ken Dolan and Daria Dolan, are known as "The First Family of Finance"... more »

The Misanthropic Bitch

The Misanthropic Bitch was a personal blog maintained by a person who referred to herself by the... more »

Thea Andrews

Thea Andrews is a Canadian journalist and TV personality. She is known for both her work in both... more »

Thea Fairley

Thea Fairley is a journalist. more »

Thein Pe Myint

Thein Pe Myint was an influential Burmese politician, writer and journalist. A writer of several... more »

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo is a Filipino journalist and broadcaster. She is the eldest daughter of La... more »

Themos Anastasiadis

Themos Anastasiadis is a Greek journalist. Anastasiadis has worked for various newspapers,... more »

Theodor Cazaban

Theodor Cazaban is a Romanian anti-communist writer. He graduated from the University of... more »

Theodor Haubach

Theodor Haubach was a German journalist, SPD politician, and resistance fighter against the Nazi... more »

Theodor Hertzka

Theodor Hertzka, or Hertzka Tivadar was a Jewish-Hungarian-Austrian economist and journalist. more »

Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl, born Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl was an Austro-Hungarian journalist and writer. He is... more »

Theodor Holman

Theodor Holman is a Dutch journalist, presenter, and writer of Indo descent. He studied Dutch... more »

Theodor Jung

Born in Austria-Hungary. Theodor Jung was an American photographer, best known for his work with... more »

Theodor Opitz

Theodor Opitz was a German journalist from Silesia, which emerged through studies of the history... more »

Théodore Duret

Théodore Duret was a French journalist, author and art critic. He was one of the first advocates... more »

Theodore Dwight

Theodore Dwight was an American lawyer and journalist. He was the brother of Timothy Dwight,... more »

Theodore Hagen

Theodore Hagen [German: Theodor Hagen] was a writer on musical topics in Germany and the United... more »

Theodore Scherer-Boccard

Theodor, Count von Scherer-Boccard was a Swiss journalist and politician. more »

Theodore Thurston Geer

Theodore Thurston Geer was the tenth Governor of Oregon, serving from January 9, 1899 to January... more »

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