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Aboobacker Amani

Aboobacker Amani is Muslim scholar and Businessman. He is the CEO of Worldona and found... more »

Ada Adler

Ada Sara Adler was a Danish classical scholar and librarian. She is best known for her critical,... more »

Adolf Geering

Swiss librarian and publisher. more »

Adrien Stoutenburg

Adrien Stoutenburg was an American poet and a prolific writer of juvenile literature. Her poetry... more »

Ainsworth Rand Spofford

Ainsworth Rand Spofford was an American journalist and publisher. He was the sixth Librarian of... more »

Alan Noel Latimer Munby

Alan Noel Latimer Munby was an English author, writer and librarian. Born in Hampstead, Munby... more »

Alice Graham Underhill

Alice Graham Underhill was a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly,... more »

Alice Prochaska

Dr Alice Prochaska MA, DPhil, FRHistS is Principal of Somerville College, Oxford. more »

Ambalavaner Sivanandan

Ambalavaner Sivanandan is a Sri Lankan novelist, and director of the Institute of Race... more »

Anastasius Bibliothecarius

Anastasius Bibliothecarius or Anastasius the Librarian was bibliothecarius and chief archivist... more »

Andre Norton

Andre Alice Norton was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy under the pen names... more »

Andrew Green

Andrew M. Green was the librarian at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth from 1998 to... more »

Andrew Sawyer

Andrew "Andy" Sawyer is a librarian, critic and editor, as well as an active part of science... more »

Angela Louise Lupone

Angela Louise Lupone is the mother of Robert LuPone. more »

Angus Mowat

Angus Mowat is a soldier, librarian, novelist and the father of Farley Mowat. more »

Angus Wilson

Sir Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson, KBE was an English novelist and short story writer. He was... more »

Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle is an Irish journalist, presenter and former newsreader. She is best known as a... more »

Anne Jarvis

Anne Jarvis is the first woman to be the university librarian at the University of Cambridge... more »

Anne Pellowski

Anna Rose Pellowski, Polish American educator and author, was born June 28, 1933 on the family... more »

Anne Tyler

Anne Tyler is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist. more »

Annette Curtis Klause

Annette Curtis Klause is an American author and librarian, specializing in young adult fiction... more »

Annie Carroll Moore

Anne Carroll Moore was an American educator, writer and advocate for children's libraries. She... more »

Anthony Panizzi

Sir Antonio Genesio Maria Panizzi, better known as Anthony Panizzi, was a naturalized British... more »

Antoine Alexandre Barbier

Antoine Alexandre Barbier was a French librarian and bibliographer. He was born in Coulommiers... more »

Antonio Augusto Villareal Acosta

Antonio Augusto Villarreal Acosta is an economist, librarian, and Varela project coordinator. He... more »

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