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Hal Draper

Hal Draper was an American socialist activist and author who played a significant role in the... more »

Halbert W. Hall

Halbert Walden Hall is a librarian and editor of his annual index to books reviews in fantastic... more »

Hana Štěpánková

Hana Štěpánková is the mother of Radek Štěpánek. more »

Hanne Nielsen

Hanne Nielsen was a librarian. more »

Hanne Søborg Coster

Hanne Søborg Coster is a librarian and the mother of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. more »

Hans Eduard Linder

Swiss architect, librarian and scholar of heraldry. more »

Helen Marot

Helen Marot was an American writer, librarian, and labor organizer. She is best remembered for... more »

Helen Thornton Geer

Helen Thornton Geer was a prominent author, professor, and librarian. She was the author of the... more »

Helga Bjornson

Helga Bjornson is the mother of Ivar Brogger. more »

Henriette Avram

Henriette Davidson Avram was a computer programmer and systems analyst who developed the MARC... more »

Henry E. Bliss

Henry Evelyn Bliss was the author of a classification system he called Bibliographic... more »

Henry Ellis

Sir Henry Ellis was an English librarian and antiquarian, for a long period principal librarian... more »

Henry Twiselton Elliston

Henry Twiselton Elliston, was an English musical composer and inventor. Elliston was born in or... more »

Herbert Putnam

George Herbert Putnam was an American librarian. He was the eighth Librarian of Congress from... more »

Herman H. Fussler

Herman Howe Fussler was an American librarian, library administrator, teacher, writer and... more »

Hilary Saint George Saunders

Hilary Aidan Saint George Saunders was a British author. Saunders was born in Clifton, near... more »

Horace Kephart

Horace Kephart was an American travel writer and librarian, best known as the author of Our... more »

Hyam Maccoby

Hyam Maccoby was a British Jewish scholar and dramatist specializing in the study of the Jewish... more »


Hypatia was an Alexandrine Neoplatonist philosopher in Egypt who was the first well-documented... more »

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