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Dan Morgenstern

Dan Morgenstern is a jazz critic and librarian. Morgenstern moved to the United States in 1947,... more »

Daniel J. Boorstin

Daniel Joseph Boorstin was an American historian, professor, attorney, and writer. He was... more »

David Hatfield Sparks

David Hatfield Sparks is a writer. more »

David Horace Clift

David Horace Clift was a noted American librarian and former chief executive of the American... more »

David Hume

David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist known especially for... more »

David Irving

David Irving LL.D. was a Scottish librarian and biographer. more »

David Jenkins

David Jenkins CBE was the Librarian of the National Library of Wales from 1969 to 1979 and... more »

Dawn Cave

Dawn Cave was the mother of Nick Cave. more »

Dee Brown

Dorris Alexander "Dee" Brown was an American novelist and historian. His most famous work, Bury... more »

Demetrius of Phalerum

Demetrius of Phalerum was an Athenian orator originally from Phalerum, a student of Theophrastus... more »

Diana Rudsten

Diana Rudsten is the founder and owner of Zaragoza, a design and antiques shop in San Anselmo,... more »

Diane K. Kovacs

Diane K. Kovacs is a Raven Award winning writer, teacher, editor and librarian. more »

Dot Warren

Dot warren is the mother of Rick Warren. more »

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