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Ma Chih-Hung

Ma Chih-hung is an aboriginal Taiwanese luger who has competed since 2003. The youngest... more »

Maciej Kurowski

Maciej Kurowski is a luger. more »

Madalina Rosca

Madalina Rosca is a luger. more »

Maija Tīruma

Maija Tīruma is a former Latvian luger who competed from 2000 to 2013. She won two bronze medals... more »

Maksim Akudowitsch

Maksim Akudowitsch is a luger. more »

Manuel Pfister

Manuel Pfister is an Austrian luger who has competed since 1999. His best finish at the FIL... more »

Manuela Danci

Manuela Danci is a luger. more »

Marcel Oster

Marcel Oster is a German luger who has been competing since 2008. As of January 26, 2009, he is... more »

Marcela Spinu

Marcela Spinu is a luger. more »

Marcin Piekarski

Marcin Piekarski is a Polish luger who has competed since 1998. He finished 17th in the men's... more »

Marcos Saliture

Marcos Saliture is a luger.  more »

Marcus Grausam

Marcus Grausam is a luger. more »

Maria Messner

Maria Messner is a luger. more »

Mariola Zietek

Mariola Zietek is a luger. more »

Mark Grimmette

Mark Grimmette is an American luger who competed from 1990 to 2010. Competing in five Winter... more »

Mark Vickery

Mark Vickery is a luger. more »

Markus Schiegl

Markus Schiegl is an Austrian luger who has competed from 1987 to 2010. He won fourteen medals... more »

Markus Wichan

Markus Wichan is a luger. more »

Marlies Wagner

Marlies Wagner is an Austrian luger who has competed since 1999. A natural track luger, she won... more »

Martin Abentung

Martin Aberntung is an Austrian-born luger who competed from 1999 to 2010. He won a silver medal... more »

Martin Mayerhofer

Martin Mayerhofer is a luger. more »

Martin Psenner

Martin Psenner is an Italian luger who has competed since 1994. A natural track luger, he won... more »

Martina Kaser

Martina Kaser is a luger. more »

Martina Kocher

Martina Kocher is a Swiss luger who has competed since 1999. Competing in two Winter Olympics,... more »

Mārtiņš Rubenis

Mārtiņš Rubenis is a Latvian luger who has competed since 1998. He won the bronze medal at the... more »

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