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Masaki Toshiro

Masaki Toshiro is a Japanese luger who has competed since 2000. He finished 12th in the men's... more »

Matic Nemc

Matic Nemc is a luger. more »

Matt McMurray

Matt McMurray is a luger. more »

Matthew Mortensen

Matthew Mortensen is an American luger who has been competing since 2000. His best Luge World... more »

Matthew Painter

Matthew Painter is a luger. more »

Matthias Rainer

Matthias Rainer is a luger. more »

Meaghan Simister

Meaghan Simister is a Canadian Olympic luger who has competed since 2003. In the 2005/2006... more »

Megan Sweeney

Megan Sweeney is an American luger who competed from 2007 to 2010. Her best Luge World Cup... more »

Melanie Batkowski

Melanie Batkowski is an Austrian luger who has competed since 2004. A natural track luger, she... more »

Melanie Schwarz

Melanie Schwarz is a luger. more »

Michael Höllrigl

Michael Höllrigl is a luger. more »

Michael Scheikl

Michael Scheikl is a luger. more »

Michaela Maurer

Michaela Maurer is a luger. more »

Michel Ray

Michel Ray is a businessperson and a former actor and luger. more »

Michelle Despain

Michelle Despain Hoeger is an Argentine-American luge athlete who competed in the 2006 Winter... more »

Miha Meglic

Miha Meglic is a luger. more »

Mihaela Chiras

Mihaela Chiras is a Romanian luger who has competed since 2005. Her best finish at the FIL World... more »

Mike Moffat

Mike Moffat is a Canadian luger who has competed since 1990. Competing in three Winter Olympics,... more »

Mikhail Kuzmich

Mikhail Sergeyevich Kuzmich is a Russian luger who has competed since 1999. Competing in three... more »

Milen Chobanob

Milen Chobanob is a luger. more »

Ming-Hua Peng

Ming-Hua Peng is a luger. more »

Monica Gorham

Monica Gorham is a luger. more »

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