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E.J. Carroll

Edward John Carroll, better known as E.J. Carroll, was an Australian theatre and film... more »

E.J. Holland, Jr.

E.J. Holland, Jr. is the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management in the United... more »


E.M.Murray is the father of Margaret Holt. more »

E.O. Rafelson

E.O. Rafelson is the son of Bob Rafelson and Gabrielle Taurek. more »

Eachann Mac Goraidh MacAlasdair

Eachann Mac Goraidh MacAlasdair, he became 6th of Loup, Chief of Clan MacAlister in 1636. He was... more »

Eachmarcach Ó Catháin

Eachmarcach Ó Catháin, Irish harper and composer, 1720-1790. Ó Catháin was born at Drogheda in... more »

Eachran Gilmour

Eachran Gilmour is the former husband of Christine Lagarde. more »


Eadberht was a medieval Bishop of London. Eadberht was consecrated between 772 and 782. He died... more »

Eadberht II

Eadberht II, King of Kent, jointly with Sigered. He was apparently the son of Æðelberht... more »

Eadberht of Lindisfarne

Eadberht of Lindisfarne, also known as Saint Eadberht, was Bishop of Lindisfarne, England, from... more »

Eadberht of Selsey

Eadberht of Selsey was an abbot of Selsey Abbey, later promoted to become the first Bishop of... more »

Eadbert I of Kent

Eadberht I was king of Kent from 725 to 748. After his father, Wihtred of Kent died, he... more »

Eaden Skye Garcia

Eaden Skye Garcia is the son of JR Garcia. more »

Eadgar of London

Eadgar was a medieval Bishop of London. Eadgar was consecrated between 787 and 789. He died... more »

Eadgils of the Myrgings

Eadgils of the Myrgings is a king of the Myrgings a clan of Saxon origin who is mentioned on... more »


Eadhelm was a medieval Bishop of Selsey. Eadhelm attests documents from 963 to 979. Eadhelm died... more »

Eadred Ætheling

Eadred Ætheling was the fourth of the six sons of King Æthelred the Unready by his first wife... more »

Eadric the Wild

Eadric the Wild, also known as Eadric Cild, was an Anglo-Saxon magnate of the West Midlands who... more »


Edsige, also Eadsige, Eadsimus, or Eadsin, was Archbishop of Canterbury, and crowned Edward the... more »

Eadui Basan

Eadwig Basan was an eleventh-century monk and scribe of Christ Church Canterbury, who worked on... more »

Eadulf Rus

Eadulf Rus was an 11th-century Northumbrian noble. He was the first to take the name Swinton,... more »

Eadwald of East Anglia

Eadwald of East Anglia was an obscure king of the small Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia, from... more »

Eadwig Ætheling

Eadwig Ætheling was the fifth of the six sons of King Æthelred the Unready and his first wife,... more »

Eadwulf Cudel

Eadwulf Cudel or Cutel was Earl of Bernicia in the early eleventh century. He was the son of... more »

Eadwulf I of Northumbria

Eadwulf was king of Northumbria from death of Aldfrith in December 704 until February or March... more »

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