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Mustafa Imren

Mustafa İmre was the husband of Yeşim Salkım. more »

Mustafa Ismail

Mustafa Ismail é um Qari do Egito. Nasceu em 17 de junho de 1905. more »

Mustafa İzzet Bey

Mustafa İzzet Bey is the father of Sabiha Gökçen. more »

Mustafa Kamal

Justice Mustafa Kamal was the Chief Justice of Bangladesh from 1989 to .... He was born in... more »

Mustafa kamal sidqy

Mustafa kamal sidqy was a military officer. more »

Mustafa Kamalak

Mustafa Kamalak is a Turkish politician and the current leader of the Felicity Party. He... more »

Mustafa Kemal Kurdaş

Mustafa Kemal Kurdaş was a Turkish economist who served as Turkish Minister of Finance, the... more »

Mustafa Kerem Babacan

Mustafa Kerem Babacan is the son of Ali Babacan. more »

Mustafa Krantja

Mustafa Krantja was an Albanian classical music conductor and composer. He has written about 20... more »

Mustafa Krer

A Libyan-Canadian, Mustafa Mohammed Krer left Libya in 1989, following the arrest of his brother... more »

Mustafa Levent Göktaş

Mustafa Levent Göktaş is a Turkish colonel, who took part in the 1999 operation to catch... more »

Mustafa Lleshi

Mustafa Lleshi was an Albanian anti-fascist hero of World War II. Mustafa Lleshi Street, a... more »

Mustafa Mahmud al-Umari

Mustafa Mahmood Al-Umari from Mosul, Iraq who became an Iraqi statesman. He served as prime... more »

Mustafa Maluka

Mustafa Maluka is an artist and cultural analyst. He is known for theatrically confronting the... more »

Mustafa Manwar

Mustafa Manwar is a renowned Bangladesh artist, who was awarded the highest state award of... more »

Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil

Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil was a citizen of Kenya and Egypt, who was indicted in the United States... more »

Mustafa Mustafa

Mustafa Mustafa is a Greek politician from the West Thracian Turkish minority. He has been... more »

Mustafa Olpak

Mustafa Olpak is an Afro-Turkish writer and activist. His book Kenya-Girit-İstanbul: Köle... more »

Mustafa Özcan Güneşdoğdu

Mustafa Özcan Güneşdoğdu is a Qur'an reciter of Turkish descent. Born in 1970 in Çankırı,... more »

Mustafa Özil

Mustafa Özil is the father of Mesut Özil. more »

Mustafa Râkim

Mustafa Râkim was an Ottoman calligrapher. He extended and reformed Hâfiz Osman's style, placing... more »

Mustafa Raza Khan

Mustafa Raza Khan, commonly known among the Muslims of South Asia as Mufti e Azam e Hind, was... more »

Mustafa Reshiti

Mustafa Reshiti or Mustafa Reshit Pasha Bushati, was an Albanian Ottoman Pasha and a noble of... more »

Mustafa Sarıkaya

Mustafa Sarıkaya is the father of Turkish model and actress Serenay Sarıkaya. more »

Mustafa Setmariam Nasar

Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Sitt Maryam Nasar is a suspected al-Qaeda member and writer. He has... more »

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