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Alberta Hunter

Alberta Hunter was an American blues singer, songwriter, and nurse. Her career had started back... more »

Alberto "El Jaguar del Paralelo"

Alberto "El Jaguar del Paralelo" is a musician and trumpeter. more »

Alberto Chàvez

Alberto Chàvez is a musician. more »

Alberto Comesaña

Alberto Comesaña is a musical artist. more »

Alberto Cottica

Alberto Cottica è un fisarmonicista italiano. more »

Alberto Dogre

Alberto Dogre was a member of the musical group, Timbiriche. more »

Alberto Javier Amado

Alberto Javier Amado is a musician. more »

Alberto Lizárraga

Alberto Lizárraga was a musician. more »

Alberto Porro Carmona

Alberto Porro Carmona is a Spanish conductor, composer, author, music lecturer, teacher and... more »

Alberto Radius

Alberto Radius è un chitarrista, cantante e produttore discografico italiano. more »

Alberto Savinio

Alberto Savinio, real name Andrea Francesco Alberto de Chirico was an Italian writer, painter,... more »

Albhy Galuten

Albhy Galuten is a Grammy Award-winning American record producer, composer, musician,... more »

Albie Donnelly

Albie Donnelly is a musical artist. more »

Albin Berger

Albin Bucher, besser bekannt unter dem Künstlernamen Albin Berger, ist ein deutscher... more »

Albin Gross

Albin Gross is a musician. more »

Albin Julius

Albin Julius is an Austrian martial music and industrial artist; his primary musical project is... more »

Albin Lindahl

Albin Lindahl was an actor and a musician. more »


Alberto D'Ascola, better known by his stage name Alborosie, and sometimes styled as AlBorosie,... more »


Alcatraz is a member of the musical group, South Park Coalition. more »

Alceu Maia

Alceu Maia is a musician, composer and record producer. more »

Alcides Torres

Alcides Torres is a musician. more »

Aldemaro Romero

Aldemaro Romero was a Venezuelan pianist, composer, arranger and orchestral conductor. He was... more »

Aldiansyah Taher

Aldiansyah Taher is an actor, singer, musician, presenter and model. more »

Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and producer. Nova initially gained... more »

Aldo Sarabia Garcia

Aldo Sarabia Garcia is a musician. more »