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Darq E Freaker

Darq E Freaker is an English electronic music producer / DJ from Peckham, London, England.] He... more »

Darran Smith

Darran Smith is a guitarist. more »

Darrell Bath

Darrell Bath is a musician. more »

Darrell Clanton

Darrell Puckett, known professionally as Darrell Clanton, is an American country music artist... more »

Darrell D. Johnson

Darrel D. Johnson is a film actor and a musician. more »

Darrell Roberts

Darrell Roberts is an American guitar player best known as a former member of the American heavy... more »

Darrell Scott

James Darrell Scott, known as Darrell Scott, the son of musician Wayne Scott, is an American... more »

Darrell Till

Darrell Till is an English singer-songwriter, composer, and author. His work as a composer to... more »

Darren Bailie

Darren Bailie is a musician, disc jockey and music producer. more »

Darren Brown

Darren Mark Brown, known as Wiz, was lead-singer and guitarist of English indie punk band Mega... more »

Darren Criss

Darren Everett Criss is an American actor, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and... more »

Darren Dodd

Darren Dodd is a musician. more »

Darren Galea

Darren Galea is a musician. more »

Darren Gallop

Darren Gallop is a musician and percussionist. more »

Darren Geare

Darren Geare is a film actor and musician. more »

Darren Holden

Darren Holden is an Irish singer-songwriter who has performed on Broadway as part of... more »

Darren Lighty

Darren "D - Life" Lighty African-American record producer and songwriter. Lighty got his initial... more »

Darren Middleton

Darren Middleton is best known as lead guitarist and songwriter for alternative rock band... more »

Darren Moore

Darren Moore is a member of the musical group, Harlequin. more »

Darren Partington

Darren Partington is a member of the musical group, 808 State. more »

Darren Potuck

Darren Potuck was the husband of Jaci Velasquez. more »

Darren Price

Darren Price is a member of the musical group, Underworld. more »

Darren Robinson

Darren Robinson, also known as Buffy, The Human Beat Box, and DJ Doctor Nice, was a member of... more »

Darren Seltmann

Darren Seltmann is a musician. more »

Darren Sigesmund

Darren Sigesmund is a Juno award nominated musical artist. more »

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