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Álfrún Gunnlaugsdóttir

Álfrún Gunnlaugsdóttir is an Icelandic writer who was born in Reykjavík on 18 March 1938. After... more »

Álvaro Cepeda Samudio

Álvaro Cepeda Samudio was a Colombian journalist, novelist, short story writer, and filmmaker... more »

Álvaro Mutis

Álvaro Mutis Jaramillo was an award-winning Colombian poet, novelist, and essayist and author of... more »

Ángeles Mastretta

Ángeles Mastretta is a Mexican author and journalist. She is well known for creating... more »

Áron Tamási

Áron Tamási was a Hungarian writer. He became well known in his native region of Transylvania... more »

Ćamil Sijarić

Ćamil Sijarić was a Montenegrin Bosniak novelist and short story writer. He enrolled the... more »

Éamonn Moore

Éamonn Moore is a physician, novelist and author. more »

Édouard Dujardin

Édouard Dujardin was a French writer, one of the early users of the stream of consciousness... more »

Édouard Estaunié

Édouard Estaunié was a French novelist. Estaunié trained as a scientist and engineer before... more »

Édouard Rod

Édouard Rod, a French-Swiss novelist. He was born at Nyon, in Switzerland, studied at Lausanne,... more »

Élémir Bourges

Élémir Bourges was a French novelist. A winner of the Goncourt Prize, he was also a member of... more »

Élisabeth Fanger

Élisabeth Fanger is the French author of J'avais dix-huit ans, an autobiographical account of... more »

Élisabeth Vonarburg

Élisabeth Vonarburg is a science fiction writer. She was born in Paris and has lived in... more »

Élise Turcotte

Élise Turcotte is a Canadian writer who was born in Sorel, Quebec on 26 June 1957. She completed... more »

Élodie Hesme

Élodie Hesme is an actress. more »

Émile Danoën

Émile Danoën was a French journalist and novelist. more »

Émile Gaboriau

Émile Gaboriau, was a French writer, novelist, and journalist, and a pioneer of detective fiction. more »

Émile Pouvillon

Émile Pouvillon was a French novelist. He published in 1878 a collection of stories entitled... more »

Émile Zola

Émile Édouard Charles Antoine Zola was a French writer, the most important exemplar of the... more »

Éric Bourdon

Éric Bourdon is a French painter and writer. more »

Éric Rohmer

Maurice Henri Joseph Schérer or Jean Marie Maurice Schérer, known as Éric Rohmer, was a French... more »

Érik Orsenna

Érik Orsenna is the pen-name of Érik Arnoult, a French politician and novelist. After studying... more »

Étienne Pivert de Senancour

Étienne-Jean-Baptiste-Pierre-Ignace Pivert de Senancour, was a French essayist and philosopher,... more »

İlhan Selçuk

İlhan Selçuk was a Turkish lawyer, journalist, author, novelist and editor. Selcuk was born in... more »

Ömer Seyfettin

Ömer Seyfettin, also Omer Seyfeddin, was a Turkish nationalist writer from late 19th to early... more »