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R. A. Dick

R. A. Dick was a novelist. more »

R. A. Lafferty

Raphael Aloysius Lafferty was an American science fiction and fantasy writer known for his... more »

R. C. Hutchinson

Ray Coryton Hutchinson was a best-selling British novelist. His 1975 novel Rising was... more »

R. C. Sherriff

Robert Cedric Sherriff was an English writer best known for his play Journey's End, which was... more »

R. D. Blackmore

Richard Doddridge Blackmore, referred to most commonly as R. D. Blackmore, was one of the most... more »

R. D. Wingfield

Rodney David Wingfield was an English author and radio dramatist. He is best remembered for... more »

R. Garcia y Robertson

Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson is an American writer of historical and fantasy fiction. He holds a... more »

R. Gopal

R. Gopal also known as Nakkeran Gopal, is a journalist from Tamil Nadu, India and the editor and... more »

R. L. Stine

Robert Lawrence Stine, known as R. L. Stine, and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American writer and... more »

R. M. Koster

Richard Morton Koster is an American novelist best known for the Tinieblas trilogy—The Prince,... more »

R. M. Vaughan

Richard Murray Vaughan is a Canadian poet, novelist and playwright. A graduate of the creative... more »

R. V. Cassill

Ronald Verlin Cassill, usually called R. V. Cassill, was a prolific writer, reviewer, editor,... more »

R. V. Vernède

Raymond Veveysan Vernède was an English colonial administrator in India and a writer. He was... more »

R.N. Joe D'Cruz

R. N. Joe D'Cruz is a Tamil writer, novelist and documentary film director from Tamil Nadu,... more »

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his region's... more »

Rachael King

Rachael King is a novelist and author. more »

Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine is a pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, an American writer of science fiction,... more »

Rachel Cusk

Rachel Cusk is a UK-based Canadian-born novelist and writer. more »

Rachel Field

Rachel Lyman Field was an American novelist, poet, and children's fiction writer. She is best... more »

Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter was an English novelist of the early 19th century. more »

Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein is an American novelist, translator and essayist. She is the author of the 2002... more »

Rachel Kushner

Rachel Kushner is an American writer, known for her novels Telex from Cuba and The Flamethrowers. more »

Rachel Seiffert

Rachel Seiffert is an award-winning British novelist and short story writer. more »

Rachel Simon

Rachel Simon is an American author of both fiction and non-fiction. Her six books include the... more »

Rachel Trezise

Rachel Trezise is a Welsh author, born in Cwmparc, Rhondda. more »