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Z. Alexander Looby

Zephaniah Alexander Looby was a lawyer active in the American Civil Rights Movement. He was born... more »

Z. K. Matthews

Zachariah Keodirelang "ZK" Matthews was a prominent black academic in South Africa, lecturing at... more »

Z. Obed

Z. Obed is a politician from Nagaland, India. In 2003 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly... more »

Zac Goldsmith

Frank Zacharias Robin "Zac" Goldsmith is a British Conservative Party politician, environmental... more »

Zacarias da Costa

Zacarias Albano da Costa is an East Timorese politician and diplomat. On 8 August 2007, he... more »

Zach Churchill

Zach Churchill is a Canadian politician from Nova Scotia. He is a current member of the Nova... more »

Zach Howell

Zach Howell was the national chairman of the College Republican National Committee. A native of... more »

Zachariah Chandler

Zachariah Chandler was Mayor of Detroit, a four-term U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan,... more »

Zachariah J. Loussac

Zachariah Joshua "Zack" Loussac was Mayor of Anchorage from 1948 to 1951. more »

Zacharie Myboto

Zacharie Myboto is a Gabonese politician and President of the National Union, an opposition... more »

Zachary Macaulay

Zachary Macaulay was a statistician, one of the founders of London University and of the Society... more »

Zachary Onyonka

Zachary T. Onyonka was a Kenyan politician. Onyonka was the foreign minister of his country from... more »

Zachary Philip Fonnereau

Zachary Philip Fonnereau was a British businessman and politician, the fourth son of the... more »

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States and an American military leader. His... more »

Zacheus Burnham

Zacheus Burnham was a farmer, judge and political figure in Upper Canada. He was born in 1777... more »

Zacheus Chase

Zacheus Chase was a Michigan politician. He was elected as the mayor of the City of Flint in... more »

Zack Space

Zachary T. "Zack" Space is an American politician and the former U.S. Representative for Ohio's... more »

Zadock Pratt

Zadock Pratt Jr. was a tanner, banker, soldier, and member of the United States House of... more »

Zafar Ali Naqvi

Zafar Ali Naqvi is an Indian politician and member of the Parliament of India, representing the... more »

Zafar Saifullah

Zafar Saifullah was the first and only Muslim to be appointed Cabinet Secretary of the... more »

Zafarullah Khan Jamali

Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali is a nationalist conservative politician and former sports... more »

Zafer Çağlayan

Mehmet Zafer Çağlayan is the Minister of Economy of Turkey and a Member of Parliament of the... more »

Zafiya Zahlul

Safiah Zaghloul was the wife of Saad Zaghloul. more »

Zagipa Baliyeva

Zagipa Yakhiyakyzy Baliyeva has served as the Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan since 13 April... more »

Zahari Stoyanov

Zahari Stoyanov, born Dzhendo Stoyanov Dzhedev, was a Bulgarian revolutionary, writer, and... more »

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