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Xabier Arzalluz

Xabier Arzalluz Antia is a Spanish Basque nationalist politician, who was the leader of the... more »

Xanana Gusmão

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão GCL CNZM is an East Timorese politician. A former militant, he was the... more »


Xanthippus was a wealthy Athenian politician and general during the early part of the 5th... more »

Xavier Abreu Sierra

Xavier Antonio Abreu Sierra is a Mexican politician affiliated to the National Action Party. more »

Xavier Becerra

Xavier Becerra is an American politician and a member of the United States House of... more »

Xavier Bertrand

Xavier Bertrand is a French politician and was Minister of Labour, Employment and Health. He was... more »

Xavier Breton

Xavier Breton is a member of the National Assembly of France. He represents the first... more »

Xavier Darcos

Xavier Darcos is a French politician, scholar, civil servant and former Minister of Labour. An... more »

Xavier de Fürst

Xavier de Fürst is the high administrator of the French government in the Wallis and Futuna... more »

Xavier de Roux

Xavier de Roux is a French politician. He is member of the Radical Party and has been a deputy... more »

Xavier de Villepin

Xavier Galouzeau de Villepin, simply known as Xavier de Villepin, is a former high ranking civil... more »

Xavier Haegy

Xavier Joseph Haegy was an Alsatian priest, journalist, and politician. A staunch proponent of... more »

Xavier Rodriguez

Xavier Rodriguez is a former Justice on the Texas Supreme Court and currently sits on the bench... more »

Xavier Romeu

Xavier Romeu is a counselor and litigator, with expertise in securities litigation and... more »

Xavier Suarez

Xavier L. Suarez was the first native born Cuban mayor of Miami. Suarez attended the Colegio de... more »

Xavier Trias

Xavier Trias i Vidal de Llobatera is a Spanish Catalan politician, member of Democratic... more »

Xavier Vallat

Xavier Vallat, French politician, was Commissioner-General for Jewish Questions in the wartime... more »

Xavier Vendrell i Segura

Xavier Vendrell i Segura is a Catalan politician. more »

Xavier-Luc Duval

Charles Gaëtan Xavier Luc Duval, GCSK, FCA, MP is the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of... more »


Xenokleides was a poet of Athens in the 4th century BCE, for whom no works have survived. He was... more »

Xenophon Overton Pindall

Xenophon Overton Pindall was a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, Arkansas State... more »

Xenophon Zolotas

Xenophon Zolotas, was a Greek economist and served as an interim non-party Prime Minister of Greece. more »

Xerardo Fernández Albor

Xerardo Fernández Albor was president of the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia. He lost a... more »

Xhafer Bej Ypi

Xhafer Bej Ypi, a Bektashi Muslim, was an Albanian politician. Ypi's parents were Asilan and... more »

Xhafer Deva

Xhafer Ibrahim Deva was an Albanian collaborationist political figure during World War II. A... more »

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