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Anant Agarwal

Anant Agarwal is a computer architecture researcher. He is a professor of Electrical Engineering... more »

Anantanand Rambachan

Anantanand Rambachan is a Trinidadian Hindu-American scholar with a specific focus on... more »

Anat R. Admati

Anat Admati is primarily a financial economics theorist. Her research focuses on issues related... more »

Anatol Ciobanu

Anatol Ciobanu is a professor and researcher from Moldova. He is the head of the Department of... more »

Anatol Lieven

Peter Paul Anatol Lieven is a British author, journalist, and policy analyst. He is a Senior... more »

Anatoli Mikhailov

Anatoli Mikhailov is the rector and founder of the European Humanities University. more »

Anders Hagen

Anders Hagen was a Norwegian archaeologist. Anders Hagen was most associated with the study of... more »

András Salamon

András Salamon is a film director, a screenwriter and an actor. more »

András Szőllősy

András Szőllősy was the creator of the Szőllősy index, a frequently used index of the works of... more »

André Aciman

André Aciman is a writer, currently distinguished professor at the Graduate Center of City... more »

André Benichou

André Benichou is a teacher. more »

André DeShields

André De Shields is an American actor, singer, director, dancer, acclaimed novelist,... more »

Andre Geim

Sir Andre Konstantin Geim, FRS is a Russian-born Dutch-British physicist working at the... more »

André Gerolymatos

André Gerolymatos is a Greek-Canadian professor at Simon Fraser University, and holds the... more »

Andrea Carandini

Count Andrea Carandini is an Italian professor of archaeology specialising in ancient Rome... more »

Andrea Doucet

Andrea Doucet is a Canadian sociologist and writer. She is Professor of Sociology and Gender... more »

Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University more »

Andrea Lunsford

Andrea A. Lunsford is the Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and the Louise Hewlett... more »

Andrea M. Ghez

Andrea Mia Ghez is an American astronomer and professor in the Department of Physics and... more »

Andrea Montanari

Andrea Montanari is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Statistics at Stanford... more »

Andreas Papandreou

Andreas G. Papandreou was a Greek economist, a socialist politician and a dominant figure in... more »

Andreas Zimmer

Andreas Zimmer is Professor of Neurobiology and Director of the Institute for Molecular... more »

Andrei Faraon

Andrei Faraon is Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Material Science at Caltech. He was... more »

Andrei Iagaru

Andrei Iagaru is Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Stanford University Medical Center. more »

Andrei Lankov

Andrei Nikolaevich Lankov is a Russian scholar of Asia and a specialist in Korean studies. more »

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