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Douglas Day

Douglas Turner Day III was an American novelist, biographer, scholar and critic. He was a... more »

Douglas E. Lynch

Douglas E. Lynch is the Chief Academic Officer for CorpU, an education technology company, and... more »

Douglas F. Levinson

Douglas F. Levinson MD is Walter E. Nichols, M.D. Professor in the School of Medicine at... more »

Douglas Hofstadter

Douglas Richard Hofstadter is an American professor of cognitive science whose research focuses... more »

Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Douglas J. "Doug" Holtz-Eakin is an American economist. He is a former professor, former... more »

Douglas J. Feith

Douglas J. Feith served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy for United States President... more »

Douglas Kell

Douglas Bruce Kell CBE FLSW is a British biochemist and Professor at the Manchester Institute of... more »

Douglas Kmiec

Douglas W. Kmiec is an American legal scholar, author, and former U.S. ambassador. He is the... more »

Douglas L. Brutlag

Doug Brutlag is Professor of Biochemistry & Medicine (by courtesy) at the Stanford University... more »

Douglas Laycock

Douglas Laycock is a Law Professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, and a leading... more »

Douglas LePan

Douglas Valentine LePan, OC, FRSC was a Canadian diplomat, poet, novelist and professor of... more »

Douglas Massey

Douglas S. Massey is an American sociologist. Massey is currently a professor of Sociology at... more »

Douglas McAdam

Doug McAdam is Professor of Sociology at Stanford University. He is the author or co-author of... more »

Douglas Porch

Douglas Porch is an American military historian and academic. He currently serves as a Professor... more »

Douglas W. Jones

Douglas W. Jones is a computer scientist at the University of Iowa. His research focuses... more »

Douwe Korff

Douwe Korff has been professor of international law at London Metropolitan University since... more »

Dovid Katz

Dovid Katz is an American-born, Vilnius-based Yiddish scholar, author and educator, and cultural... more »

Dr. Carl D. Michalson

Carl Michalson was a passenger onboard American Airlines flight 383. He was killed in the crash... more »

Dr. Henry Bernard Kuizenga

Dr. Henry Bernard Kuizenga is a Presbyterian minister and seminary professor. more »

Dr. P. Rama

Dr. P. Rama is a forensic professor. more »

Dr. Steven J. Levin

Dr. Steven J. Levin is a professor and physician . more »

Dragos Oprea

Dragos Oprea is at teh University of California San Diego Department of Mathematics, formerly... more »

Dragoslav Srejović

Dragoslav Srejović was a Serbian professor and archaeologist. He was the main contributor the... more »

Drew Endy

Andrew David Endy is a synthetic biologist and Assistant Professor of bioengineering at Stanford... more »

Drew Gilpin Faust

Catharine Drew Gilpin Faust is an American historian, college administrator and the President of... more »

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