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Caroline Beaumont Zachry

Caroline Beaumont Zachry was an educational psychologist born in New York City to James Greer... more »

Carolyn Goodman

Carolyn Elizabeth Drucker Goodman was a clinical psychologist who became a prominent civil... more »

Carolyn Sherif

Carolyn Wood Sherif was an American social psychologist who helped to develop social judgment... more »

Carroll Izard

Carroll Ellis Izard is an American psychologist known for his contributions to Differential... more »

Cary Cooper

Sir Cary Lynn Cooper, CBE AcSS, is an American-born British psychologist and professor of... more »

Catharine Cox Miles

Catharine Morris Cox Miles was an American psychologist known for her work on intelligence and... more »

Catherine Pinhas

Catherine Pinhas Mulcair is a psychologist and the wife of Canadian Opposition leader Thomas... more »

Catherine Steiner-Adair

Catherine Steiner-Adair is a clinical psychologist, school consultant, author, and teacher whose... more »

Cecil Alec Mace

Cecil Alec Mace was a British philosopher and industrial psychologist. He discredited the notion... more »

Cecilia Samartin

Cecilia Samartin is a Cuban-American writer and psychologist. She studied psychology at UCLA and... more »

Charena Swann

Charena Swann is a psychologist. more »

Charlene Drew Jarvis

Charlene Drew Jarvis is an American educator and former scientific researcher and politician who... more »

Charles Arthur Curran

Charles Arthur Curran was a Jesuit priest and psychologist who is best known as the creator of... more »

Charles Berger

Charles R. Berger is an American professor emeritus of communication at the University of... more »

Charles E. Osgood

Charles Egerton Osgood was a distinguished American psychologist who developed a technique for... more »

Charles Ferster

Charles Bohris Ferster was an American behavioral psychologist. more »

Charles Figley

Charles Figley is a university professor in the fields of psychology, family studies, social... more »

Charles Hubbard Judd

Charles Hubbard Judd was an American educational psychologist who played an influential role in... more »

Charles McCreery

Charles Anthony Selby McCreery is a British psychologist and author, best known for his... more »

Charles R. Snyder

Charles Richard "Rick" Snyder, a specialist in positive psychology was Wright Distinguished... more »

Charles Samuel Myers

Charles Samuel Myers, CBE, FRS was an English physician who worked as a psychologist. He wrote... more »

Charles Spearman

Charles Edward Spearman, FRS was an English psychologist known for work in statistics, as a... more »

Charles Spence

Prof. Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford. He is the head... more »

Charles Spielberger

Charles Donald Spielberger, Ph.D. was a clinical/community psychologist well known for his... more »

Charles Tart

Charles T. Tart is an American psychologist and parapsychologist known for his psychological... more »

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