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R. C. L. Lindsay

Roderick Cameron Lodge Lindsay was born December 30, 1946 in Canada. Lindsay is a psychologist... more »

R. D. Hinshelwood

Robert D Hinshelwood is Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex in... more »

R. Tracy Seyfert

R. Tracy Seyfert is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives,... more »

R. Travis Osborne

Robert Travis Osborne was a professor emeritus of psychology at University of Georgia. more »

Rachel MacNair

Rachel M. MacNair is an American sociologist and psychologist who holds a consistent life ethic,... more »

Rada Granovskaya

Rada Mikhailovna Granovskaya is a known psychologist, professor of the Saint Petersburg State... more »

Rafael E. López-Corvo

Rafael E. Lopez-Corvo is a psychoanalyst. He served on the editorial board of the International... more »

Raffaella Di Marzio

Raffaella Di Marzio is an Italian clinical psychologist. She is a member of the Editorial Board... more »

Ralph Hefferline

Ralph Franklin Hefferline was a psychology professor at Columbia University. Hefferline became a... more »

Ralph Metzner

Ralph Metzner PhD is an American psychologist, writer and researcher, born in Germany, who... more »

Ralph Underwager

Ralph Underwager (28 July 1929 – 29 November 2003) was an American minister and psychologist who... more »

Ram Dass

Ram Dass is an American contemporary spiritual teacher and the author of the seminal 1971 book... more »

Rana Walker

Rana Walker has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University, and a Master of... more »

Randolph M. Nesse

Professor Randolph M. Nesse, M.D. is an American physician and evolutionary biologist. He is... more »

Randy Dellosa

Randy Misael Sebastian Dellosa, known as Doc Randy is a Filipino psychologist and... more »

Ray Guarendi

Raymond N. Guarendi, aka Dr. Ray, is a practicing clinical psychologist and authority on... more »

Raymond Cattell

Raymond Bernard Cattell was a British and American psychologist, known for his exploration of... more »

Raymond D. Fowler

Raymond D. Fowler, is an American psychologist and Professor Emeritus of the University of... more »

Raymond Moody

Raymond A. Moody, Jr. is a psychologist and medical doctor. He is most famous as an author of... more »

Rebecca Coleman Curtis

Rebecca Coleman Curtis is an American psychologist and author who has written extensively on the... more »

Reema Bansal

Reema Bansal is an Indian painter. Bansal took up painting at the age of three when she was... more »

Regina Baff

Regina Baff is an actress, who was nominated for a Tony in 1974 for Veronica's Room. more »

Reginald Wilson

Reginald Wilson is an American psychologist who has served as Senior Scholar Emeritus at the... more »

Reid K. Hester

Reid K. Hester is a psychologist. more »

Reimut Reiche

Reimut Reiche is a German sociologist, sexologist, author and psychoanalyst. In his early years... more »

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