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Robert Trivers

Robert Ludlow Trivers is an American evolutionary biologist and sociobiologist, who is a... more »

Robert Weimar

Robert Weimar was a German professor of law and psychologist. Weimar was particularly concerned... more »

Robert William Kentridge

Dr Robert William Kentridge is a British experimental psychologist. more »

Robert Yerkes

Robert Mearns Yerkes was an American psychologist, ethologist, and primatologist best known for... more »

Robert Zajonc

Robert Bolesław Zajonc was a Polish-born American social psychologist who is known for his... more »

Robert-Jay Green

Robert-Jay Green, Ph.D is Founder and Senior Research Fellow of the Rockway Institute, and... more »

Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

Roberta Michnick Golinkoff holds the H. Rodney Sharp Chair in the School of Education at the... more »

Robin Dunbar

Robin Ian MacDonald Dunbar is a British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist and a... more »

Robin Wilson

Robin J. Wilson is a Canadian psychologist, specializing in work on sex offenders. more »

Robyn Dawes

Robyn Mason Dawes was an American psychologist who specialized in the field of human judgment... more »

Rochelle Okoye

Rochelle Okoye is an actor. more »

Roger Birkman

Roger Winfred Birkman was an American organizational psychologist. He was the creator of The... more »

Roger Brown

Roger William Brown, an American social psychologist, was born in Detroit. Roger Brown, Ph.D.,... more »

Roger Hart

Roger A. Hart is a Professor in the Environmental Psychology Ph.D. Program of the Graduate... more »

Roger Säljö

Roger Säljö is a Swedish educational psychologist whose research presents a socio-cultural... more »

Roger Shepard

Roger Newland Shepard is a cognitive scientist and author of the Universal Law of... more »

Roger V. Burton

Roger V. Burton is an actor, musician, psychologist and teacher. more »

Roger Webster

Roger Webster is an English cornetist and psychologist. He has been acclaimed as one of the... more »

Roger Wolcott Sperry

Roger Wolcott Sperry was a neuropsychologist, neurobiologist and Nobel laureate who, together... more »

Roger Woolger

Roger J. Woolger was a British-American psychotherapist, lecturer, and author specializing in... more »

Rollo May

Rollo Reece May was an American existential psychologist. He was the author of the influential... more »

Ron Dawson

Dr. Ronald Leslie Dawson is a Special Educational Needs educator, psychologist, researcher and... more »

Ronald C. Fox

Ronald C. Fox is an Amsterdam based psychologist, teacher, editor, counselor, and meditation... more »

Ronald L. Cohen

Ronald L. Cohen is a social psychologist whose research is focused on justice. He is a faculty... more »

Ronald Melzack

Ronald Melzack, OC OQ FRSC is a Canadian psychologist and emeritus professor of psychology at... more »

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