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Vadim Krutetsky

Vadim Andreyevich Krutetsky, also Krutetskii was a Russian psychologist who explored... more »

Valerie Yule

Dr. Valerie Yule is a researcher in literacy and imagination, clinical child psychologist,... more »

Vera Schmidt

Vera Fedorovna Schmidt was a Russian educationist and one of the leading figures in the... more »

Veronica Porsche Ali

Veronica Porsche Ali is an American actress and the former wife of boxing legend Muhammad... more »

Victor Johnston

Victor S. Johnston is a prominent Irish-born psychologist whose work emphasis is emotion, and... more »

Victor Vroom

Victor H. Vroom is a business school professor at the Yale School of Management. He holds a PhD... more »

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Emil Frankl, M.D., Ph.D. was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a... more »

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

Vilayanur Subramanian Ramachandran is a neuroscientist known primarily for his work in the... more »

Vilma Angulo

Vilma Angulo is a psychologist. more »

Vimla L. Patel

Vimla Lodhia Patel, is a Fijian-born Canadian cognitive psychologist and biomedical... more »

Vintilă Mihăilescu

Vintilă Mihăilescu is a leading Romanian cultural anthropologist, and a Professor at the... more »

Virginia Chow

Virginia Chow is an experienced Montreal Psychologist who provides CBT for the treatment of... more »

Virginia E. Johnson

Virginia E. Johnson, born Mary Virginia Eshelman, was an American sexologist, best known as the... more »

Vivette Glover

Vivette Glover is a British Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology at Imperial College London. She... more »

Vladimir Asnin

Vladimir Ilyich Asnin, Soviet developmental psychologist, a representative of Kharkov School of... more »

Vladimir Nebylitsyn

Vladimir Dmitrievich Nebylitsyn, Russian: Владимир Дмитриевич Небылицын was a Russian... more »

Vladimir Nikolayevich Myasishchev

Vladimir Nikolayevich Myasishchev was a famous Soviet psychologist and developmental psychologist. more »

Volkmar Sigusch

Volkmar Sigusch is a German sexologist, physician and sociologist. He was from 1973 to 2006... more »

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