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Ernst Kris

Ernst Kris was an Austrian psychoanalyst and art historian. Kris was the son of Leopold Kris, a... more »

Ernst Meumann

에른스트 모이만은 독일의 심리학자이며 미학자이자 교육학자이다. 목사의 아들로 출생하여, 베를린·할레·본 등의 대학에서 신학을 수학한 후, 라이프치히 대학의 분트에게서... more »

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Ernst von Glasersfeld was a philosopher, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University... more »

Erving Goffman

Erving Goffman, a Canadian-born sociologist and writer, was considered "the most influential... more »

Erwin Segal

Erwin Segal is an emeritus professor of Psychology at SUNY Buffalo. He joined the University in... more »

Erwin Straus

Erwin Straus was a German-American phenomenologist and neurologist who helped to pioneer... more »

Esmeralda Fernández

Esmeralda Fernández is the mother of Dafne Fernández. more »

Ethel Puffer Howes

Ethel Dench Puffer Howes was an American psychologist and feminist organizer. The ideal life... more »

Eugen Drewermann

Eugen Drewermann is a German church critic, theologian, peace activist and former Roman Catholic... more »

Eugene Galanter

Eugene Galanter is one of the founders of cognitive psychology. He is an academic in the field... more »

Eugene Gendlin

Eugene T. Gendlin is an American philosopher and psychotherapist who developed ways of thinking... more »

Eugene Kennedy

Eugene Cullen Kennedy is an American psychologist, syndicated columnist, and a professor... more »

Eugene Landy

Eugene Ellsworth Landy was a controversial American psychologist and therapist best known for... more »

Eva Fogelman

Eva Fogelman, PhD is a licensed psychologist, writer, filmmaker and a pioneer in the treatment... more »

Evelyn Hooker

Evelyn Hooker was an American psychologist most notable for her 1957 paper "The Adjustment of... more »

Everlyn Barbin

Everlyn Barbin appeared in the 2011 documentary The Sky Above. more »

Ewen Neil McQueen

Ewen Neil McQueen was an Australian headmaster, prominent educational innovator, scientist,... more »

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