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M. T. Vasudevan Nair

Madathil Thekkepaattu Vasudevan Nair, popularly known as MT, is an Indian author, screenplay... more »

M. Wartella

Michael M. Wartella is an American underground cartoonist and animator based in New York City... more »

M. Ziauddin

M. Ziauddin is a screenwriter. more »

M.A. Littler

M.A. Littler is a screenwriter, film editor, film producer, film score composer, and film director. more »

M.A. Lovretta

M.A. Lovretta is a television producer and screenwriter. more »

M.A. Ripps

M.A. Ripps is a film producer and screenwriter. more »

M.A. Solomon

M.A. Solomon is a screenwriter and set decorator. more »

M.B. Hatch

M.B. Hatch is a screenwriter. more »

M.B. Parsons

M.B. Parsons is a screenwriter. more »

M.D. Selig

M.D. Selig is an actor, a film director and a screenwriter. more »

M.D. Sukumaran

M.D. Sukumaran is a cinematographer. more »

M.J. Quinlan

M.J. Quinlan is an actor. more »

M.K. Mani

M.K. Mani is a screenwriter. more »

M.L. Bhaskar

M.L. Bhaskar is a film actor, screenwriter and film producer. more »

M.M. Shelly Moore

M.M. Shelly Moore is a screenwriter. more »

M.N. Yasin

M.N. Yasin is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

M.R. Nawab

M.R. Nawab is a screenwriter. more »


Raja Mohan is an Indian film director, primarily working in the Tamil film industry. As of 2013,... more »

M.T. Ahern

M.T. Ahern is a screenwriter. more »

M.T. Risyaf

M.T. Risyaf is an Indonesian film director. more »

Ma Hua

Ma Hua is a screenwriter. more »

Ma Luoshan

Ma Luoshan is a film screenwriter. more »

Ma Weijun

Ma Weijun is a screenwriter. more »

Ma Yu

Ma Yu is a screenwriter. more »

Ma-Xu Weibang

Ma-Xu Weibang was a Chinese film director active in mainland China from the 1920s to 1940s, and... more »

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