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Philip Palmer

Philip Palmer is a British novelist and screenwriter. Originally from Port Talbot, Wales, he... more »

Philip Proctor

Philip Proctor is an American actor, voice actor and a member of The Firesign Theatre. He plays... more »

Philip Pucci

Philip Pucci is a film editor. more »

Philip Quinaz

Philip Quinaz is an actor and a composer. more »

Philip R. Garrett

Philip R. Garrett is a film producer, actor, screenwriter, film director, film editor and... more »

Philip Railsback

Philip Railsback is a screenwriter. more »

Philip Rapp

Philip Rapp was a film and television director and screenwriter. He wrote for Eddie Cantor and... more »

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley is an English artist working with various media. more »

Philip Roberts

Philip Roberts is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Philip Rosenberg

Philip Rosenberg is a screenwriter. more »

Philip Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal is a singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. more »

Philip S. Goodman

Philip S. Goodman is a screenwiter and film director. more »

Philip Saville

Philip Saville is a British television director and screenwriter whose career dates to the late... more »

Philip Scheffner

Philip Scheffner is a film producer, film editor, film director and screenwriter. more »

Philip Shane

Philip Shane is a film editor. more »

Philip Spink

Philip Spink is a film producer, film director, and screenwriter more »

Philip Stapp

Philip Stapp is a screenwriter and animator. more »

Philip Stark

Philip Stark is an American television and film screenwriter. A native of Houston, Texas, Stark... more »

Philip Stevenson

Philip Stevenson was a screenwriter. more »

Philip Tiboni

Philip Tiboni is a film writer, actor and producer. more »

Philip Todd

Philip Todd is a film actor, screenwriter, film editor and producer. more »

Philip W. Davis

Philip W. Davis is a film sound mixer, screenwriter, production designer, film editor, film... more »

Philip Wylie

Philip Gordon Wylie was a prolific American author on subjects ranging from pulp science... more »

Philip Yordan

Philip Yordan was an American screenwriter of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s who also produced... more »

Philip Yung

Philip Yung is a screenwriter, film director and production designer. more »

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