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Sam Decoste

Sam Decoste is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Sam Denoff

Samuel Denoff was an American Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, television producer. Denoff was... more »

Sam Dewar

Sam Dewar is a film producer, film editor, film director, screenwriter, cinematographer. more »

Sam Dolan

Sam Dolan is an actor, screenwriter, television director and producer. more »

Sam Dunn

Sam Dunn is a Canadian musician, film director, and anthropologist whose work focuses on the... more »

Sam Eastall

Sam Eastall is a film editor, director, screenwriter and a film producer. more »

Sam Egan

Sam Egan is a journalist, and a writer/producer for television. more »

Sam Eidson

Sam Eidson is an actor, film producer, film director and a screenwriter. more »

Sam Ernst

Sam Ernst is a television writer and producer best known for working on shows such as The Dead... more »

Sam Fell

Sam Fell is a British film director, screenwriter, voice actor and animator. Sam started his... more »

Sam Forman

Sam Forman is a screenwriter and playwright. more »

Sam Frazier Jr.

Sam Frazier Jr. is a film editor, producer, director and screenwriter. more »

Sam Freeman

Sam Freeman is a screenwriter. more »

Sam French

Sam French is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Sam George

Sam George is a professional surfer, writer, director and screenwriter. A former competitive... more »

Sam Ghosh

Sam Ghosh is an actor, film director, screenwriter, musician and dancer. more »

Sam Gilman

Sam Gilman was an actor. more »

Sam Gottlieb

Sam Gottlieb is a screenwriter and film producer. more »

Sam Graham

Sam Graham is a writer and screenwriter. more »

Sam Grana

Sam Grana is a film/television producer, television director, screenwriter, and an actor. more »

Sam Graydon

Sam Graydon is a cinematographer, film director, screenwriter and film editor. more »

Sam Hall

Sam Hall is a screenwriter known for his work in daytime soap operas, particularly Dark Shadows... more »

Sam Hall

Sam Hall is a film editor, a screenwriter and an actor. more »

Sam Hamm

Sam Hamm is an American screenwriter. Hamm is perhaps best known for writing the screenplay for... more »

Sam Hancock

Sam Hancock is a film director, writer, and producer. more »

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