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Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley is a British composer, producer, singer and songwriter. more »

Bob Bralove

Bob Bralove is an auxiliary keyboard–synthesizer player who worked as a sound technician with... more »

Bob Burns

Robert Louis 'Bob' Burns is an American drummer who was in the original line-up of the Southern... more »

Bob Carlisle

Robert Mason "Bob" Carlisle is an American Contemporary Christian singer and songwriter. He... more »

Bob Coltman

Bob Coltman is an American singer of traditional songs, songwriter, guitarist and banjoist, and... more »

Bob Culbertson

Bob Culbertson is an influential Chapman Stick player. An early adopter of the instrument, he is... more »

Bob Daisley

Robert John "Bob" Daisley is an Australian musician. A bassist and songwriter, he has performed... more »

Bob Davie

Bob Davie is an orchestra leader, pianist, and composer of popular music. He composed the song... more »

Bob DiPiero

Bob DiPiero is an American country music songwriter. He has written 15. U.S. Number 1 hits and... more »

Bob Dorough

Bob Dorough is an American bebop and cool jazz pianist, composer and vocalese singer. He worked... more »

Bob Dufford

Robert J. Dufford, S. J. is a Jesuit priest, a former member of the St. Louis Jesuits musical... more »

Bob Feldman

Bob Feldman is a musician, guitarist, songwriter, record producer, and businessperson. more »

Bob Ferguson

Robert Bruce "Bob" Ferguson, Sr. was an American songwriter, record producer who was... more »

Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan was an American performance artist, comic, writer, poet, and musician. more »

Bob Franke

Bob Franke is an American folk singer/songwriter. more »

Bob French

Robert "Bob" French was a United States jazz drummer and radio show host at WWOZ, from New... more »

Bob Gaddy

Bob Gaddy was an American East Coast blues and rhythm and blues pianist, singer and songwriter... more »

Bob Gaudio

Robert John "Bob" Gaudio is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, and... more »

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof is a musician, actor and political activist. more »

Bob Gibson

Samuel Robert "Bob" Gibson was a folk singer who was a key figure in the folk music revival in... more »

Bob Haymes

Robert William Haymes, also known by the stage names Robert Stanton and Bob Stanton, was an... more »

Bob Hilliard

Bob Hilliard was an American lyricist. He wrote the words for the songs; "Alice in Wonderland",... more »

Bob Hite

Robert Ernest "Bob" Hite was the American lead singer of the blues-rock band, Canned Heat, from... more »

Bob Hoag

Bob Hoag is an American record producer, songwriter and musician based in Mesa, Arizona. In... more »

Bob Jackson

Robert 'Bob' Jackson, is a keyboardist/guitarist whose career has been interwoven with various... more »

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