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David Holt

David Jack Holt was an American actor initially groomed at the age of seven to be the male... more »

David Hoyt Lichtenstein

David Hoyt Lichtenstein is a songwriter. more »

David Immerglück

David A. Immerglück is an American multi-instrumentalist who is best known as a guitarist in the... more »

David Ippolito

David Ippolito is an American singer/songwriter/playwright who lives in New York City. He has... more »

David Jackson

David Jackson is a songwriter, composer and lyricist. more »

David Janssen

David Janssen was an American film and television actor who is best known for his starring role... more »

David Johansen

David Roger Johansen is an American rock, protopunk, blues, and pop singer, songwriter and... more »

David Jordan

David Jordan is an English singer-songwriter. His debut album Set the Mood was released in... more »

David Jost

David Jost is an international music producer, singer-songwriter and DJ, born in Hamburg... more »

David Judson Clemmons

David Judson Clemmons is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, originally from... more »

David Knopfler

David Knopfler is a British rhythm guitarist, pianist, record producer and singer-songwriter. He... more »

David Kuncio

David Kuncio is a songwriter. more »

David L. Cook

David L. Cook is an American Christian country music singer-songwriter, comedian and a multiple... more »

David LaBruyere

David "DeLa" LaBruyere is a musician, songwriter, and producer. He was a longtime bass guitarist... more »

David Lasley

David Eldon Lasley is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his contributions as a... more »

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio... more »

David Lewis

David Lewis was the lead singer/guitarist for the 1980s, and 90s R&B, POP supergroup Atlantic... more »

David Libert

David Libert is an American music executive and musician. He was one of the founding members of... more »

David Lindley

David Perry Lindley is an American musician who is notable for his work with Jackson Browne,... more »

David Linx

David Linx is a Belgian jazz singer, composer and songwriter. more »

David Lloyd

David Lloyd is an English singer, musician, songwriter, currently living in Newcastle upon Tyne. more »

David Longoria

David Longoria is an American trumpeter, singer, songwriter and record producer. He was... more »

David M. Bailey

David M. Bailey was an American singer/songwriter. He released over 20 albums between 1997 and... more »

David Mackay

David Mackay is an Australian record producer/arranger and musical director. He was born in... more »

David Malloy

David Ernest Malloy is an American Country Music and Pop songwriter, record producer and A&R... more »

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