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Brinley Newton-John

Brinley Newton-John was a university professor. more »

Brita Sailer

Brita J. Sailer is a Minnesota politician and a former member of the Minnesota House of... more »

Bronisław Huberman

Bronisław Huberman was a Jewish Polish violinist. He was known for his individualistic and... more »

Bronisław Komorowski

Bronisław Maria Komorowski is a Polish politician and historian who has been President of Poland... more »

Bronisława Skłodowski

Bronisława Skłodowska was a teacher and the mother of Marie Curie. more »

Bronwyn Pike

Bronwyn Jane Pike is a former Australian politician. She was Minister for Education in Victoria... more »

Brooks Gardner

Brooks Gardner is an actor and teacher. more »

Bruce Balden

Bruce Balden appeared in the 1964 TV Documentary Up Series more »

Bruce Caswell

Bruce Caswell is a Republican from the U.S. state of Michigan, currently serving as a member of... more »

Bruce Chadwick

Bruce Chadwick spent 23 years as a journalist with the New York Daily News before earning a... more »

Bruce D. Kimball

Bruce D. Kimball is an American diver and coach. He won a silver medal for the 10 meter platform... more »

Bruce Ellis Benson

Bruce Ellis Benson is a Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College in Illinois. more »

Bruce Glover

Bruce Herbert Glover is an American character actor perhaps best known for his portrayal of the... more »

Bruce Hopkins

Raymond Bruce Hopkins is an actor from New Zealand, most famous for his portrayal of Gamling in... more »

Bruce Pandolfini

Bruce Pandolfini is an American chess author, teacher, and coach. He is a USCF national master. more »

Bruce Vento

Bruce Frank Vento was an American politician, a Democratic-Farmer-Labor member of the United... more »

Bruce Weigl

Bruce Weigl is an American contemporary poet who teaches at Lorain County Community College... more »

Bruna Canalis

Bruna Canalis is the mother of Elisabetta Canalis. more »

Bruno Dumont

Bruno Dumont is a film editor. more »

Bruno Oliver

Bruno Oliver is an actor, voice actor, teacher and coach. more »

Bryan O'Byrne

Bryan Jay O'Byrne was an American film and television actor and acting coach. His credits... more »

Bryan Pisano

Bryan Pisano is an actor. more »

Bryce Lawrence

Bryce Lawrence is a former professional international rugby union referee from the Bay of... more »

Bud Carvey

Bud Carvey is the father of Dana Carvey. more »

Bud Heidgerken

Bud Heidgerken is a Minnesota politician and a former member of the Minnesota House of... more »

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