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Infogrames Entertainment SA

Lennie Moore is an American composer, conductor, orchestrator of music for video games, film,... more »

Inger Krarup Brøgger

Inger Krarup Brøgger is the daughter of Søren Krarup. more »

Ingrid Rossellini

Ingrid Rossellini is a writer and Italian Literature professor. She is the daughter of Ingrid... more »

Ioan Maiorescu

Ioan Maiorescu is the father of Titu Maiorescu. more »

Ioasaf Tikhomirov

Ioasaf Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov was a Russian actor. He trained under Vladimir... more »

Ion Iovcev

Ion Iovcev is a teacher for the Republic of Moldova. Since 1992, he has been the principal of a... more »

Ion Zelea Codreanu

Ion Zelea Codreanu was an activist, a schoolteacher, and a politician. more »

Iona Watson

Iona Watson is the mother of Chester Paul Lott. more »

Ip Ching

Ip Ching is a Grandmaster of the Chinese Martial Art Wing Chun, one of five still living... more »

Ip Chun

Ip Chun, also known as Yip Chun or Yip Jun, is a Chinese martial artist specialising in Wing... more »

Ira Newborn

Ira Newborn is an American musician and composer, best known for his work composing motion... more »

Ira Owens Beatty

Ira Owens Beatty was a teacher, school administrator and real estate broker. more »

Ira Reiss

Ira L. Reiss served in Europe during World War II. After the war he went to Syracuse University... more »

Irena Byrska

Irena Byrska was an actress. more »

Irena Chalmers

Irena Chalmers is an author and food commentator/essayist, teacher and culinary mentor. She is... more »

Irena Sibley

Irena Sibley, born Irena Justina Pauliukonis, was an Australian artist, writer, illustrator of... more »

Irene B. West

Irene B. West was a teacher. more »

Irene Dobbs Jackson

Irene Dobbs Jackson is a teacher. more »

Irene Forrest

Irene Forrest was a casting director and an actor. more »

Irene Mayes

Irene Mayes was a teacher. more »

Irene Worth

Irene Worth, CBE was an American stage and screen actress who became one of the leading stars of... more »

Irina Kalentieva

Irina Nikolayevna Kalentieva is a professional cross-country mountain bike racer from Russia... more »

Irina Mikitenko

Irina Mikitenko, née Volynskaya, is a Kazakhstan-born German long-distance runner who competes... more »

Iris Taylor

Iris Taylor is a teacher and the mother of Lawrence Taylor. more »

Irma Martens

Irma Martens is the mother of Anna German. more »

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