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Maxim Munzuk

Maxim Monguzhukovich Munzuk was a Tuvan actor, one of the founders of Tuva's regional theatre... more »

Maxim Vengerov

Maxim Alexandrovich Vengerov is a violinist, violist, and conductor who was born in the Soviet... more »

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters is the U.S. Representative for California's 43rd congressional district, and... more »

Maxine Winokur

Maxine Winokur is a teacher and the mother of actress Marissa Jaret Winokur. more »

May Bennett

May Bennett was a pianist. She was also the mother of Robert Russell Bennett. more »

May Ziade

May Ziade, was a prolific Christian Lebanese-Palestinian poet, essayist and translator. A writer... more »

May Zimelman

May Zimelman is a teacher. more »

Maya Soetoro-Ng

Maya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng is the maternal half-sister of Barack Obama, who is the 44th and... more »

Mayme Edna Revere

Mayme Edna is the mother of actor Morgan Freeman. more »

Mayumi Shō

Mayumi Shō is a Japanese voice actress. She has worked at Aoni Production and is now working at... more »

McLaurin Smith Williams

McLaurin Smith Williams is a teacher. more »

Medeiros e Albuquerque

José Joaquim de Campos da Costa de Medeiros e Albuquerque was a Brazilian poet, politician,... more »

Meenakshi Mehta Vasisht

Meenakshi Mehta Vasisht is the mother of Mita Vasisht. more »

Meera Biswas

Meera Biswas is a teacher and theater actress and the mother of Seema Biswas. more »

Meg Russell

Meg Russell is a musician. more »

Meggan Lambesis

Meggan Lambesis is the wife of Tim Lambesis. more »

Meinir Owen

Meinir Owen is an actress and a teacher. more »

Mel Bay

Mel Bay was a musician best known for his series of music education books. His Encyclopedia of... more »

Mel Boring

Mel Boring is an American children's author specializing in non-fiction. A member of the Society... more »

Mel Braun

Mel Braun is a Juno Award nominated teacher and music director. more »

Mel Shapiro

Mel Shapiro is an American theatre director and writer, college professor, and author. Trained... more »

Mel Welles

Mel Welles was an American film actor and director. His best-remembered role may be that of... more »

Melania Ursu

Melania Ursu is an actress and a teacher. more »

Melanie Nelson

Melanie Nelson is a Minnesota educator and founder and CEO of Learning ZoneXpress, a national... more »

Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright, mother of The Sprouse Twins, is a teacher. more »

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