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Severna Park

Severna Park is a science fiction author and winner of the Nebula Award for Best Short Story... more »

Seyed Sadroddin Shariati

Seyed Sadroddin Shariati is the former president of Allameh Tabatabaei University. more »

Seymour Fogel

Seymour Fogel was a pioneer of modern and abstract art during the mid-twentieth century.Born in... more »

Sezer Huysuz

Sezer Huysuz is a Turkish judoka competing in the lightweight division. Currently, he is a... more »

Shalom Spiegel

Shalom Spiegel is a teacher and writer. more »

Shamim Karhani

Shamim Karhani, was an eminent Urdu poet of the 20th century. He was born on 8 June 1913 in... more »

Shamsunnahar Mahmud

Shamsunnahar Mahmud was a writer, politician and educator in Bengal during the early 20th... more »

Shan Serafin

Shan Serafin is an American writer and film director. He is noted for penning the novel... more »

Shane Bolks

Shane Bolks AKA Shana Galen is an American author of contemporary fiction and historical romance... more »

Shane Dunphy

Shane Dunphy was born and reared in Wexford, where he still resides, with his wife and two... more »

Shannon Bramer

Shannon Bramer is a Canadian poet. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, she attended York University... more »

Shari Basis

Shari Basis is the mother of actor Austin Basis. more »

Shari Fogler

Shari Fogler is an English teacher. more »

Sharita Kyles Wilson

Sharita Kyles Wilson is an adjunct communications instructor and the sister of Cedric the... more »

Sharon Angela

Sharon Angela is an American film and television actress, screenwriter, and film director... more »

Sharon Bower

Sharon Bower is a film actress. more »

Sharon Carstairs

Sharon Carstairs, PC is a Canadian politician and former Senator. more »

Sharon Gannon

Sharon Gannon is a yoga teacher, animal rights advocate, musician, author, dancer/choreographer... more »

Sharon Gilchrist

Sharon Gilchrist is an American musician, singer, composer, mandolin instructor and the sister... more »

Sharon Kariya

Sharon Kariya is a teacher. more »

Sharon Kinney

Sharon Kinney is an American dancer, choreographer, teacher, and videographer. She was an... more »

Sharon L. Kammer

Sharon L. Kammer is a teacher. more »

Sharon Lechter

Sharon L. Lechter is an American accountant, Chartered Global Management Accountant, author,... more »

Sharon Lepore

Sharon Lepore is a teacher. more »

Sharon McRae

Sharon McRae is a teacher and the mother of Shane McRae. more »

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