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Emperor Fei of Jin

Emperor Fei of Jin, personal name Sima Yi, courtesy name Yanling, was an emperor of the Eastern... more »

Emperor Fei of Northern Qi

Emperor Fei of Northern Qi, personal name Gao Yin, courtesy name Zhengdao, posthumously Prince... more »

Emperor Fei of Western Wei

Emperor Fei of Western Wei, personal name Yuan Qin, was an emperor of the Xianbei state Western... more »

Emperor Fushimi

Emperor Fushimi was the 92nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession... more »

Emperor Gao of Southern Qi

Emperor Gao of Southern Qi, personal name Xiao Daocheng, courtesy name Shaobo, nickname Doujiang... more »

Emperor Gaozong of Song

Gaozong, born Zhao Gou, was the tenth emperor of the Song dynasty of China. He reigned from 1127... more »

Emperor Gaozong of Tang

Emperor Gaozong of Tang, personal name Li Zhi, was the third emperor of the Tang Dynasty in... more »

Emperor Gaozu of Han

Emperor Liu Bang, commonly known by his temple name Gaozu, personal name Liu Bang, was the... more »

Emperor Gaozu of Tang

Emperor Gaozu of Tang, born Li Yuan, courtesy name Shude, was the founder of the Tang Dynasty of... more »

Emperor Gengshi of Han

Emperor Gengshi of Han, ch. 漢更始帝, py. gèng shĭ dì, wg. Keng-Shih-ti, also known as the Prince of... more »

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