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Dan La Botz

Daniel H. La Botz is a prominent American labor union activist, academic, journalist, and... more »

Danny Abdul Dayem

Danny Abdul Dayem is a British citizen of Syrian descent who came to prominence during the... more »

Danny Glover

Daniel Lebern "Danny" Glover is an American actor, film director and political activist. Glover... more »

Dante Alencastre

Dante Alencastre is a film director, producer and an activist. more »

Dave Rowntree

David Alexander De Horne Rowntree is an English musician, as well as a solicitor, animator, and... more »

David Baker

David A. Baker is an activist, former union organiser and the president of an organisation that... more »

David Kaczynski

David Kaczynski is the Executive Director of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Buddhist Monastery, and... more »

David Lane

David Lane is an American political activist who works to increase the political strength of... more »

David Mallett

David Mallett is an American singer-songwriter best known for his authorship of the "folk... more »

David Nelson

David Keith Nelson is an American activist for the protection of equal rights for lesbian, gay,... more »

David R. Courtney

David Richard Courtney is an artist, writer, and political activist. He is best known for his... more »

David Thibodaux

David Glenn Thibodaux was a respected English professor at the University of Louisiana at... more »

David Thorstad

David Thorstad, an American political activist and historian of the gay rights movement since... more »

David Walls

David Walls is an activist and academic who has made significant contributions to Appalachian... more »

David Weissman

David Weissman is an Emmy Award nominated filmmaker, teacher, film programmer, public speaker... more »

Deborra-Lee Furness

Deborra-Lee Furness is an Australian actress, director and producer. more »

Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson has worked in the film and television industry for seventeen years as an editor... more »

Dexter Scott King

Dexter Scott King is the second son of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta... more »

Diana E. H. Russell

Diana E. H. Russell is a feminist writer and activist. Born and raised in Cape Town, South... more »

Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson is an environmental activist, anti-war activist, and author. In 1989 she was a... more »

Dick de Hoog

Frederik Hermanus "Dick" de Hoog was the Indo President of the Indo European Alliance, member of... more »

Dolores Huerta

Dolores Clara Fernandez Huerta is a labor leader and civil rights activist who, along with César... more »

Dolours Price

Dolours Price was a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. She was also a political... more »

Donald K. Ross

In the United States, Donald K. Ross is a public interest lawyer. Ross proposed the model of... more »

Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Douglas J. "Doug" Holtz-Eakin is an American economist. He is a former professor, former... more »

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