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Jack Healey

Jack Healey is an American human rights activist and pioneer. Working in the human rights... more »

Jack Layton

John Gilbert "Jack" Layton, PC was a Canadian social democratic politician and Leader of the... more »

Jack Nichols

John Richard "Jack" Nichols Jr. was an American gay rights activist. He co-founded the... more »

Jacob Reitan

Jacob "Jake" Reitan is an LGBT activist who founded the Soulforce Equality Ride. Reitan was born... more »

Jagannath Sarkar

Jagannath Sarkar was an Indian Communist leader, freedom fighter, and writer on social issues. more »

Jalal Barzanji

Jalal Barzanji is a contemporary Kurdish poet and writer. He has served on the board of Writers'... more »

Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani

Sayyid Jamāl ad-Dīn al-Afghānī, also known as Sayyid Jamāl ad-Dīn Asadābādī, and commonly known... more »

James Baldwin

James Arthur Baldwin was an American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and social critic... more »

James Cameron

James Francis Cameron is a Canadian film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer,... more »

James M. Bennett

James M. Bennett is a New Jersey-based nonpartisan activist for FairTax, a tax reform strategy... more »

James O'Keefe

James E. O'Keefe III is an American conservative activist who has produced secretly recorded... more »

Jamie Court

Jamie Court is an American author, political activist, lobbyist and consumer advocate. He serves... more »

Jamie McGonnigal

James Campbell "Jamie" McGonnigal is a voice actor, actor, producer, activist and director, who... more »

Jan Purzycki

Jan Purzycki is a writer, screenwriter, activist and professor. more »

Jane Abraham

Jane Abraham is an American political activist. She has been serving as Vice Chairman of the... more »

Jaroslav Krejčí

Jaroslav Krejčí was a Czech-British sociologist, historian, economist and former professor of... more »

Jarvis Tyner

Jarvis Tyner is an American activist and the current Executive Vice Chair of the Communist Party... more »

Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayaprakash Narayan, also known as JP, is an Indian politician, political reformer and... more »

Jeffrey S. Lyons

Jeffrey S. Lyons is a Toronto lawyer and community activist. He is a law graduate from the... more »

Jeremiah Newton

Jeremiah Newton appeared in the 2013 documentary film The Dog. more »

Jerry Mander

Jerold Irwin "Jerry" Mander is an American activist and author, best known for his 1977 book,... more »

Jerry Vlasak

Jerry Vlasak is an American animal rights activist and former trauma surgeon. He is a press... more »

Jesse LaGreca

Jesse LaGreca is a writer for Daily Kos. more »

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith was an American editor and activist and was the wife first of Harold Ware and John Abt more »

Jessica Steen

Jessica Steen is a Canadian film and television actress, noted for her roles in Captain Power... more »

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