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Hakan Albayrak

Hakan Albayrak is a Turkish journalist and activist. more »

Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi

Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi was a Soviet and Uzbek author, composer, playwright, poet, and political... more »

Han Bi-ya

Han Bi-ya is a celebrated Korean travel writer, relief worker and poverty reduction, refugee... more »

Hanan Ashrawi

Hanan Daoud Khalil Ashrawi is a Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar. She was a protégé... more »

Harriet Bishop

Harriet E. Bishop was an American educator, writer, suffragist, and temperance activist. Born in... more »

Harriet Shaw Weaver

Harriet Shaw Weaver was a political activist and a magazine editor. She also became the patron... more »

Hawa Abdi

Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe is a Somali human rights activist and physician. She is the founder and... more »

Heather Graham

Heather Joan Graham is an American actress. After starring in various commercials, her first... more »

Heera Rajgopal

Heera Rajagopal is a former Indian film actress. She has appeared in several Tamil, Malayalam,... more »

Heinrich Brüning

Heinrich Brüning was Chancellor of Germany during the Weimar Republic from 1930 to 1932. He was... more »

Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is an author, blogger, and atheist activist who gained fame for "selling his soul"... more »

Hemu Kalani

Hemu Kalani was a Sindhi revolutionary and freedom fighter during the Indian Independence Movement. more »

Henry Dunant

Jean Henri Dunant, also known as Henry Dunant, was a Swiss businessman and social activist... more »

Herbert Aptheker

Herbert Aptheker was an American Marxist historian and political activist. He wrote more than 50... more »

Humphrey "Yankee" Smith

Humphrey Smith commonly known in his lifetime as "Yankee" Smith was the unofficial founder of... more »

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