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Tabitha King

Tabitha Jane King is an American author and activist. She is married to writer Stephen King. more »

Taj Anwar

Taj Anwar Jackson, is a community organizer and promoter. She has worked with the FTP Movement,... more »

Tajar Tetova

Tajar Tetova was an Albanian military commander and çetë leader in southern Albania and Macedonia. more »

Tawfiq Qabbani

Tawfiq Qabbani was the father of Nizar Qabbani. more »

Ted Danson

Edward Bridge "Ted" Danson III is an American actor, author and producer, well known for his... more »

Ted Grant

Edward "Ted" Grant was a South African Trotskyist who spent most of his adult life in Britain... more »

Tenzing Rigdol

Tenzing Rigdol is a contemporary Tibetan artist and activist. more »

The Edge

David Howell Evans, more widely known by his stage name The Edge, is a musician best known as... more »

Thomas Donovan

Thomas Donovan is a Canadian dance-pop singer-songwriter and recording artist born in Vancouver... more »

Tico Santa Cruz

Tico Santa Cruz is the frontman of Detonautas Roque Clube. more »

Tim McIlrath

Timothy James "Tim" McIlrath is an American punk rock musician. He is the lead singer, rhythm... more »

Tim Robbins

Timothy Francis "Tim" Robbins is an American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist... more »

Tim Wise

Timothy Jacob "Tim" Wise is an American anti-racism activist and writer. Since 1995, he has... more »

Timea Nagy

Timea Nagy is a Hungarian Canadian who was trafficked from liberty in Hungary to sexual slavery... more »

Tjalie Robinson

Tjalie Robinson is the main alias of the Indo intellectual and writer Jan Boon also known as... more »

Tom Fitton

Thomas J. "Tom" Fitton is an American activist. He is the President of Judicial Watch, a... more »

Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke is a Canadian activist. He grew up in Chilliwack, British Columbia, graduating from... more »

Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper is a British campaigner, writer, sustainability advisor and leading... more »

Tony Perkins

Anthony Richard "Tony" Perkins is president of the Family Research Council, a Christian right... more »

Torie Osborn

Torie Osborn is a community organizer, activist, and author. more »

Tripti Pandey

Tripti Pandey is a sibling of Ila Arun. more »

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